Calvary Road

from the album Daniel Amos (Deluxe Edition)

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©1971, 2017 Shape of Air Music, BMI

Bearing the cross
Death in us all
Life to be lost
Heeding His call
This I'm told
Is Calvary Road

Laughter and tears
Forgiveness of sin
Love without fear
Broken for Him
This I'm told
Is Calvary Road

Narrow is this road
But this road leads to life
And without looking back
We must take His hand
And make straight the paths
Before our feet

Jesus in you
Jesus in me
Working the changes
I thought I'd never see
Oh this I know
Is Calvary Road

So take your sisters hand
And help your brother stand
Together we walk
As pilgrims 'cross this land
And we'll go home
On Calvary Road
We'll go home
On Calvary Road
We'll go home...

Calvary Road

Song notes: An early Terry Taylor composition which dates back at least to 1971. Never officially recorded, the song exists only in early solo demos or recordings with Judge Rainbow and the Prophetic Trumpets.


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