Live in 79

Live in 79

Live in 79

Daniel Amos

2018 Stunt Records
Project Supervisors: Eric Townsend, Tom Gulotta and Jason Townsend for Stunt Productions.
Available on CD as part of the Horrendous Disc Box Set.

Also available: The Horrendous Book!

DA Live in 79

1. Meant For You
2. I Love You #19
3. Shotgun Angel
4. So Certain
5. On The Line
6. Never Leave You
7. Band Intros (Dialogue)
8. Happily Married Man
9. Days and Nights
10. Sky King (Out Across the Sky)
11. Terry Talks (Dialogue)
12. I'm On Your Team
13. Hound of Heaven
14. I Love You #19 (Reprise)
15. Aint Gonna Fight It
16. Meant For You (Reprise)

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Recording Information

Recorded live 2/3/1979


Cover by: Eric Townsend Art Direction and layout: Eric Townsend & Tom Gulotta
Original DA Tour logo design: Gary DeLacy
Mastered by Bruce Neher

Daniel Amos is:

Terry Scott Taylor: Vocals, Guitar
Jerry Chamberlain: Guitar, Vocals
Mark Cook: Keyboards, Vocals
Marty Dieckmeyer: Bass
Ed McTaggart: Drums
Alex MacDougall: Drums, Percussion


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