Between the Glory and the Flame

Between the Glory and the Flame

Between the Glory and the Flame

Randy Stonehill

1981 Myrrh Records
Produced by Terry Scott Taylor and Randy Stonehill for Rebel Base Productions

Between the Glory and the Flame

1. The Glory and the Flame (Stonehill)
2. Die Young (Stonehill)
3. Fifth Avenue Breakdown (Stonehill)
4. Grandfather's Song (Stonehill_
5. Find You Way To Me (Stonehill)

6. Christine (Stonehill)
7. Rainbow (Stonehill)
8. Givin' It Up For Love (Stonehill/Howard)
9. Letter To My Family (Stonehill)
10. Farther On (Stonehill/Howard)

©1981 Stonehillian Music/Word Music (a div. of Word, Inc.)

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Recording Information

Recorded and Mixed at Whitefield Studioes
Engineered by Thom Roy


Cover Painting by Frank Ordaz

The Band:

Randy Stonehill: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Terry Scott Taylor: Slide Guitar
Jerry Chamberlain: Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Marty Dieckmeyer: Bass Guitars
Alex MacDougall: Percussion
Ed McTaggart: Drums and Percussion
Tom Howard: Piano, Harmonium, Backing Vocals

Terry Jonsson is the newscaster on "Christine"



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