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Posted by ™ on 08-30-2002 at23:19:

  the name's Dieckmeyer...

Marty Dieckmeyer...

Now someone else write a story about Marty as a private eye starting with the line "It was a dark and stormy night..."

Posted by Andrew on 09-01-2002 at17:07:


It was a dark and stormy night. I didn't feel like going out. The road was flooded anyway so I hit the 'net.

(We go down don't know how everybody's surfin' now )

Ah yes the 'net. That wonderful and glorious device - allowing anonymity and total public baring of souls all on the same page.

(Sight and sound the King is crowned and everybody is Surfin' now)

I went to the board and there was mischief afoot.

TM had decided to start playing games with my name and get people to write about me so I decided to do a little checking out of my own.

I did a google search on his name TM and it's everywhere.

(Sinking down they might drown and everybody's surfin' now)

It's like he's managed to worm his way into the life of every product, company logo and everything.

This is making me worried.

Time for a can of Cola - oh no! he's on the can too!

He's everywhere.

We can't escape him.

We can only pray for deliverance.

Posted by BigDork on 09-02-2002 at12:37:


Originally posted by Andrew

We can only pray for deliverance.

and pray every day.... Red Face

Posted by ™ on 09-02-2002 at19:22:



Big Grin

Posted by ™ on 09-24-2002 at02:05:

  Private Dick

or in Marty's case Private Dieck!

Can ya believe they usta call Private Investigators Dicks!

Which ones were called Flatfoots?

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