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Posted by tchandler on 04-24-2009 at12:02:

  all apologies

as the song goes .. ... ...

i missed messages from Ritchie az and wes berlin, (and possibly others)

i really am sorry -- i need to log on here more often

if i missed something, please email me at tim@thechoir.net

i suck

Posted by Ritchie_az on 04-24-2009 at13:22:


Tim, no worries. I've been busy myself. I got a promotion at work and all-of-a-sudden I have half the time I used to. No apologies necessary.

In fact, just the chance to read your posts, however often that may be, is a thrill enough for me. You are such a great bass player, and you've been a part of some great music that has meant an incredible amount to me.

Posted by wes berlin on 05-01-2009 at10:12:


no worries.......but check your private messages. Smile

Posted by joey on 05-01-2009 at11:10:

Question RE: all apologies

what else can i say, everyone is gay? Shocked

Posted by Ron E on 05-01-2009 at13:58:

  RE: all apologies

heh, heh, he said gay.

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