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Posted by Paul on 04-15-2010 at18:44:


Looks like the website has gone to sleep to me. No updates since spring of last year and in about a month Terry will go on tour with the dogs and we'll have new music to reach in our purses for. Probably one of the busiest summers for lovers of music, new lost dogs music & dvd, new neverhood recording, new derri daughtery & mike roe colaboration, and a new Choir album. But didn't hear it from here.

Posted by Audiori J on 04-15-2010 at20:16:

  RE: Updates

Then you haven't looked, the Neverhood music has been talked about here, as has the Dogs stuff.
The Lost Dogs information would be on the Lost Dogs website, the Choir information would be on the Choir site and the Roe Dougherty information would be on their sites/facebooks/etc, not here.

Posted by audiori on 04-15-2010 at20:27:


Mike actually has another new thing coming that you didn't mention.. you should already know about that one though. Mike hasn't announced it yet as far as I know.

Let's see.. The entire website has actually been completely redesigned over the last few months or so... and is still underway. New main page, store and discography already mostly in place. The most recent headline, about the new webstore, was from only a couple of weeks back. A more definitive and detailed announcement about the Neverhood thing will be coming soon. Terry just finished recording it.

We would have been talking about the Neverhood thing much earlier than we did, but believe it or not, some fans actually don't want to hear about new stuff too early and get very upset if they do. It makes it tough to know when to announce anything. It was still talked about way in advance, but we try to split the difference a little.

Posted by Paul on 04-15-2010 at22:17:

  Re: Updates

Thanks for the prompt response fellas. And you guys seriously do an excellent job.. This is the most music released in quite sometime and one can't help but get excited..

A lot of times the information shared about these fellas and their releases are dropped here & there and sometimes it can be a challenge keeping up with them. Maybe that's half the fun. Thanks to the internet! What did we do before?

I actually consider Terry, Mike, Derri, and Steve as one big family since they're always helping each other out on all their projects and Linda keeps them all straight on touring. Would you agree most of DA fans are also followers of these guys as well?

Anytime there's a mention of the four individually or collectively it helps promote the music we all came to love and cherish. It also promotes them individually and enlightens those who are new listeners that they're are other artists who share from that same Southern California area.

I came in through the Choir branch, and got to know gene, lost dogs introduced me to Terry and Mike. Terry introduced me to Da, Mike introduced me to the 77s.

I wish there was one designated little spot that would mention not the rumors but releases as they happen to help promote all of them since they're all independent artists promoting Jesus.

Posted by audiori on 04-15-2010 at22:25:


Yeah, it is like a big family... definitely a lot of crossover. There are still plenty of fans of each band that are not fans of the others though - strangely.

The weird thing is.. one thing we learned early on, was that JT (the manager a few years back) would get chewed out if he cross-announced things. I never understood it.. but it happened. The merch booth has always been combined at Cstone or other places, but for some reason it seems to work better to keep some things separate a little bit. The next big DA announcement will mention the Dogs stuff too, etc.. but we kind of have to wait on the Neverhood announcement to be ready. (The former manager would also get chewed out if people received too many updates!)

You can never keep everyone happy of course.. but you try to reduce the amount of complaining whenever possible. Big Grin

Posted by Audiori J on 04-16-2010 at08:17:


Yes, and announcing things before it's 100% official can also get a person chewed on. Most of the time we know of projects that the guys are working on way in advance, but we generally do not mention them anywhere until we get official word from them to do so. The reason being is sometimes projects that are planned and even worked on, sometimes fall through or get stalled somewhere. Terry can say in an interview that he would like to do another DA album and then it becomes and expectation. Usually collaboratory projects have the biggest chance of being stalled because of each artist having other commitments. The Roe/Pritzel project, Mike and Phil Madeira's blues album, etc.
The new Neverhood Music project has actually been discussed for several years, had we said something when we originally knew about it people would of complained for the last few years that it wasn't out yet.

Posted by sondance on 04-16-2010 at12:34:


so let me see if i got this straight - you guys are sore because nobody chewed you out in the last 5 minutes...

well, i'm busy...

we're off to Yosemite tomorrow...


Posted by Ritchie_az on 04-16-2010 at12:40:


"Yes, and announcing things before it's 100% official can also get a person chewed on."

That's why you post it in the rUmORs thread....

Posted by Ron E on 04-17-2010 at18:07:


So, you said "the next big DA announcement will ..."
That implies there is a big DA announcement coming which will mention Lost Dogs at the same time... what is the announcement, or what is the announcement date if its too soon to actually make the announcement Wink

Posted by audiori on 04-17-2010 at18:33:


Once we have some more solid details about the Neverhood thing all written up, there will be something going out. Up until recently there hasn't been much to say other than the title.

Posted by audiori on 04-28-2010 at00:16:


We're probably going to do a smaller announcement now and leave the Neverhood thing off for a while. As it turns out, theres still some significant work to be done on the Neverhood project, so we don't want to announce it too early. It is shaping up to be something very interesting though.. Happy

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