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Posted by audiori on 12-18-2010 at15:13:


Just a little update...

The standard Editions should arrive here and ship out on Monday, from what I can tell with the tracking information.

Since the Personalized editions have to be printed specifically for each person, they're going to be arriving in bunches over the next week. Some will definitely be shipping out with the Standard Editions - but we're not sure how many just yet. It just depends on how fast the printers can get them ready and shipped to us.

Its unlikely that all of them will arrive in time for Christmas unfortunately. The good news is that some folks mentioned that they didn't need it for Christmas or they wanted it for a later Birthday or something like that.. so we're making some of the other orders a priority. If it looks like your copy might not arrive in time - what we're going to do is ship you the Standard Version free of charge along with everyone elses and then ship the deluxe edition once it arrives. The personalized editions that don't arrive in time should arrive soon after.

*IF* you don't need your special edition in time for Christmas - please let us know so we can hold yours until later in the process. You can PM me here on the board or send me an email at audiori@danielamos.com . Also - if it would help, we can also potentially send you an MP3 of your personalized track if you need it before Christmas and it looks like your CD might not arrive in time. Terry really wants people to experience these personalized songs as part of the album - but we certainly understand if you need something like that done for CHristmas.

Posted by MarkyMark77 on 12-19-2010 at20:57:


Didn't see this anywhere in the thread, but I was wondering if the standard pressing is a CD or a CD-R, as I assume the personalized song version is a CD-R.
Am I wrong?

Posted by audiori on 12-19-2010 at23:38:


We can't use a regular CD manufacturer because of the custom stuff.. but we are having them printed through a regular printer - we're not running them off in our garage or anything like that. The custom and standard editions are all being printed in the same way, but the custom editions have slightly different text on the back cover.

Posted by MarkyMark77 on 12-20-2010 at16:44:


But are they both CD-R's, or only the custom version?

Posted by Audiori J on 12-20-2010 at19:43:


Both are printed from a place that can do short runs.

Posted by MarkyMark77 on 12-20-2010 at22:07:


So they are pressed CD's, then?

Posted by audiori on 12-21-2010 at21:24:


Just a heads up... Since most of the personalized Deluxe editions were not ready to ship at the same time as the standard edition, we decided to go ahead and send everyone that ordered the Deluxe edition a copy of the standard edition as well so you can enjoy the album along with everyone else. The personalized editions should start arriving soon after.

Posted by MarkyMark77 on 12-22-2010 at17:51:


Not trying to be a jerk here. Just want to know whether or not they are pressed, silver CD's, or CD-R's. Is there a reason why you're not specifically saying? I have no issue with supporting Terry, I just want to know what I'm going to get if I order it.

Posted by audiori on 12-23-2010 at00:29:


I just copied and pasted my post from Terry's facebook page and then went right back to work shipping CDs.. didn't even look at the posts before it.

I don't have one sitting in front of me at the moment, but I'm not entirely sure what they are. If I remember right, they don't bare the usual telltale signs of a CDR.. but I do suspect there is something unusual about how they're printed because they have an amazingly fast turnaround time and can print any number of discs. Its not the quality (in terms of packaging) that we would normally use for a regular album -- but that was impossible in this situation. We had to go with something weird so that we could do the custom song versions. As we do more volumes of SWINE, we'll continue to look at whatever the best option is at the time.

Posted by DwDunphy on 12-23-2010 at06:38:


The company I used to deal with, Kunaki, printed on demand. Their discs were very high-quality and had that silvered look to them, but were actually CD-R. I imagine that this is very much the same as Terry used.

These types of CD-R are surprisingly durable, and if this company is or anything like Kunaki, the packaging will be spare, but well printed.

Posted by Audiori J on 12-23-2010 at07:12:


Yeah, Mike Roe commented on some printed this way and said they are actual CDs.

Personally, I don't see what the difference is. A lot of times people seem to want to make a distinction, but technically a CD and a CD-Recordable end results are the same. For a CD manufactured in a plant, a plastic disc with bumps is pressed which become the pits when the reflective surface is applied.

Now in the recording process of a CD-R, the pits are burned into a layer of photographic dye. There are four types of photographic dye used; Cyanine which is a light green-blue color which has the lowest permanence. Phthalocyanine which is transparent with a slight green tint and has the Highest permanence. Metallize Azo which is blue and similar in quality to Phthalocyanine. Formazan which is light green, it is a combination of Cyanine and Phthalocyanine and is similar in quality to Phthalocyanine.

Once recorded on, they work the same. A CD player will play them exactly the same, same spiral recorded track, same method of reading the binary pits and reflective surface. The only real difference most people would have to worry about would be the top side of a CD-R, where the reflective layer is, isn't as protected as it is on a regular CD. A regular CD has the reflective layer sandwiched between two plastic discs, which a CD-R doesn't.

On these discs specifically, there doesn't seem to be any dye layer.

Posted by MarkyMark77 on 12-23-2010 at16:45:


I asked for two reasons:

I like to know what I'm buying. I've had CD-R's do some strange things, as I'm sure anybody who has a lot them has seen. I've had layers separate, the reflective surface peel, etc. Of course, now I just rip 'em to a hard drive, so it doesn't matter much, but I still like to know.

I'm always interested in how other bands are pressing small runs (which was going to be my next question) because, being a musician, I may have a need for it sometime in the future. Does this mean that there isn't a glass master for pressing, or is it some kind of in between thing? I'd be interested in a link or more info if you can get it.

Posted by jlemarr777 on 12-23-2010 at17:05:

  Quick Question...

My wife gave me the okay to order the deluxe personalized CD, but it's showing as unavailable in the store. I don't need it for Christmas or anything, but now I'm worried. I didn't miss my chance, did I?

Posted by Audiori J on 12-23-2010 at17:19:


I think Terry plans on doing another run sometime in January.

Posted by Matt K on 12-23-2010 at22:55:


Just wanted to say I received my copy today. What a fun disc this is, really reveals a behind the scenes glimpse into the songs new and old. The Crime Horse tune is wild. If you have already ordered you won't be disappointed!!

Posted by Doke on 01-12-2011 at15:30:


It would be great to hear some more reviews and opinions of the album. I'm still waiting for my deluxe version, but I'd also love to hear what folks think of their personalized songs. Let's hear more!

Posted by ahanson on 05-29-2011 at18:02:


I'm surprised there haven't been more reviews of this. I just finished my second listen, and this is a treasure trove of new and old music for DA and Terry fans. I love the unplugged versions of Sanctuary and The Twist, two of Terry's best songs ever. And the demos are very cool, especially the Crime Horse song, Sun Down in the West. Of course, this wouldn't be complete without some of Terry's trademark wackiness, courtesy of Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor and Rabbi Aaron Bergman watching "The Fly" together.

The highlight for me was "You got a good one there". My first child was born on May 20, and the cd arrived in the mail either that day or the next (I don't know which....I was at the hospital!) Needless to say, Terry's lyrics perfectly capture how my wife and I feel about our beautiful newborn son. My wife keeps asking me to play it for her. Thanks Terry, for the beautiful song.

So, if you don't have this yet, order it now!

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