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Posted by John Foxe on 02-21-2012 at17:47:

  New release?

Well, the news page is getting dated again, the Choir sent out a notice about another recording, and still nothing from my all-time favorite band... about a new DA release...

Posted by audiori on 02-21-2012 at18:27:


The main page was updated in the last few days with news about the Return to the Neverhood release and Dr Demento..... nothing else to tell just yet...

Other than that, its the same situation as a few weeks ago when you posted something similar...

Originally posted by audiori
We're sort of in the in-between-time for DA related news.... we're waiting on several things with no clear time frame so its hard to announce anything officially. And like you say, we do get burned if we jump the gun too much - no matter how well intentioned, or even accidental it might be.

- We're still desparately trying to get some of the important tour footage for a possible DVD. Its all up in the air... waiting on other people.
- We're also waiting on the Neverhood thing to be finished... Terry was back in the studio doing something for it not long ago. Doug's artwork kept growing last I heard and the whole project keeps getting bigger. It'll be really special and cool once its done, but I have no idea when that'll be just yet.
- News on a new DA record, a live disc, more touring or anything like that is also all up in the air and waiting on various things. There could be something to announce tomorrow or it could be a month away. I have no idea.

I would love to have more news more often.. the way things tend to fall together, it makes it very tough. Sometimes its like a hurricane of news.. other times its like watching paint dry.

During the DA-downtime, Mike's and the Dogs websites are finally being totally revamped. Those have been tied up for a while with those old original designs but we finally got the green light to blow them apart and do something different. Mike's new site launched on January 1st and he'll have some cool news soon (happened not long ago - the "Sticks and Stones" thing). The new Dogs site (is coming soon). (I think Mike wants to do a new 77s site also eventually, but its less urgent.)

The plan is when Mike's and the Dogs sites are done, we'll revamp the DA site with a new look and -hopefully- some kind of news about one or all of those projects.

Posted by John Foxe on 02-22-2012 at14:30:

  Not the news page

Well, it's true that the news page is out of date. And I'm aware of the previous post. It's just that every time I get a notice about the Choir, I think, why not DA?

Posted by audiori on 02-22-2012 at18:49:


Health has been a big issue lately.

Following Cornerstone last year, Terry was determined to continue touring with DA and do a new record... his health and the health of family members has changed a lot of his plans. He couldn't even finish Cornerstone. These chamges are not necessarily permanent - it just makes it harder... and harder to schedule anything.

Posted by brother joel on 02-22-2012 at21:09:


I will pray more consistently for Terry and his family. Health stuff is really hard and can zap a lot of energy from a family. I know when my son was really sick it zapped me as well. Since Terry has been through so much I can imagine his energy level is not at the maximum. I will just trust that God is caring for Terry and the rest of the Taylors.

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