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Posted by audiori on 02-01-2014 at19:25:


Got approval all the way around... finalizing the artwork now.

Yes, there is a "making of" video in the works... that should be next. We wanted to get all of the Kickstarter stuff done first, but editing started a long time ago. As much as I enjoyed the Making of Buechner's, it's really a different animal altogether - complete performances in the rehearsals and in the studio... higher quality in every way.. better sound... high def picture, etc, etc. Should be a fun video to watch for all DA fans!

Posted by sondance on 02-01-2014 at20:36:


well alrighty then Happy

Posted by audiori on 02-08-2014 at18:08:


Posted by lobo1023 on 02-08-2014 at19:13:

  Radio Disk

Any way this art work will be available as posters, etc. Would love then to complete my already existing family room art made up of all the DHSTA art.

Posted by audiori on 02-08-2014 at19:44:


We might consider doing that.

Posted by PassingInterest on 04-28-2014 at12:09:


Originally posted by audiori
We have quite a few customers in Norway actually. One of the more regular countries we ship to.

DanielAmos.com ships to more than 40 countries worldwide, including The US, Canada, The UK, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Poland, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, South Africa, Austria, Brazil, Slovakia, Scotland, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Thailand, Iceland, Taiwan, Belgium, Morocco, China, Venezuela, Kazakhastan, Chile, Turkey, Greece, Russia and South Korea.

Daniel Amos has conquered the world!

I have heard Dig Here Said The Angel nearly all the way through for the second time and now I have Waking Up Underwater stuck in my brain and the only solution is more Daniel Amos.

Perhaps it is just as well, because my speakers have been begging me to play more DA lately anyway and they are getting pretty hard to ignore.

Seriously guys, this album is a masterpiece! I have been stuck on Wow all day. Wow! Wow!

Posted by Ron E on 07-23-2016 at12:40:


Is it ok to say this is my favourite DA release? That is saying something because I love them all since Shotgun Angel! I got the vinyl of this in the mail this week. It is so beautiful. Cover to sleeve to vinyl! Gorgeous. Very well done, this is art!

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 07-23-2016 at21:46:


It's okay by me, but then it's my favorite album too.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 05-30-2017 at15:11:


Has it really been 4 years since this was released? Such a great album it seems like it has always existed and been released yesterday. Dare I say it is timeless?

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 05-31-2017 at00:23:


Originally posted by pegotico
I have one big complaint about DIG here,
I see no one has mention this but in the end
I don't like the digipack use for dig here. The reason for this
is how easily the cd can get scratches. MBD isn't that bad
because the cd is store in a hard plastic just like
a jewel box, but in this case the cd is just in one
carton compartment which I feel will scratch the
cd after multiples in and outs. I have one question
if the cd was done with retroactives? as they used
a different digipack on the Daniel bands last reissues
which also has a hard plastic and it is in between the
mbd and dig here digipacks. Ill upload a photo later
when I get home. What I did was store the cd in a plastic

Here I go reviving an old thread, yet again!

Forever when I get a new CD I make a copy on the computer and listen to it, and put away the original. I also encode it to MP3 or FLAC for portable listening.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 07-28-2017 at15:26:


I copied my CD to computer and uploaded it to my Google Play account. Now I can listen to "The Uses of Adversity" anywhere on my phone, which makes life objectively better.

Posted by sondance on 07-30-2017 at14:04:


speaking of "Dig" did the "making of" video gain traction? i heard Berger crashed the mastering session and they had to get all the singers for The Sun Shines on Everyone to redo their takes. When they did Berger disguised himself as Jack Nicholson and sang along. If you listen real close, you can hear a choking cough from when he ingested his 4th dose of Windex. They edited out almost all of it.

Posted by audiori on 07-30-2017 at23:23:


Yes the making of video is still coming..... it's soooooo much footage that it's taking a long time to get there and then these other projects (like horrendous) kind of put it on the back burner occasionally. The HD thing is a huge undertaking.

Posted by sondance on 07-30-2017 at23:49:


well shucks let me know if I can help somehow

Posted by sondance on 09-05-2017 at20:57:


HD has its place historically but DHSTA is another level of achievement for this band, to me it is their best album ever and needs more publicity. I hope the release of the video can spawn a whole new exposure, appreciation and distribution of this marvelous work resulting in a well deserved nice fat pay check for everybody involved.

Posted by sondance on 10-01-2017 at23:16:


no pressure

Posted by Ron E on 10-02-2017 at18:06:



Posted by Mountain Fan on 05-14-2018 at23:34:


I must admit I was a little underwhelmed when this first came out. It sounded at first sonically like a continuation of the Swirling Eddies Midget album, but more DA lyrically. But then my favorites on the average are more rocking ones. And I had a LOT going on at the time.

The last time it came up recently on rotation in the car on the USB I put it on repeat a bit and really enjoyed it. Hard to pick a favorite, there are so many good ones. Pleased

Posted by sondance on 05-16-2018 at11:33:


welcome back MtFan

Posted by Mountain Fan on 05-16-2018 at21:01:


Thanks Smile I'll get back to the "L"s on the playlist before too long and enjoy the Larry Lucy again Pleased

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