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Posted by Theo on 10-03-2002 at14:22:


A special Christmas release from AAR will be ready for shipping beginning October 7, 2002. This seasonal EP entitled, "The Final Christmas Show" features holiday music written during the last 20 years by Theo Obrastoff, a special guest solo vocal by Jeff Elbel on "A sign of love" and a glorious mixing job by Rob Watson at the Aerie in Eagle Rock CA. Rich Brimer has produced the artwork and packaging. Also featured is drummer Mike Topogna, who was the drummer for such projects as the movie soundtrack for Dragnet and for a Bob Rivers MTV special.

It's with great pride that we make this available to you for a mere $8.00/ea. This includes shipping and handling.
The release will be available beginning Oct 7th at the Angels' webstore: www.andysangelsrecords.org

Enjoy! Bless you all in the coming Yuletide!

Posted by wes berlin on 10-03-2002 at14:34:


woohoo! Big Grin

Posted by brdhsnyrsoul on 10-03-2002 at15:17:


groovy chik!!!!

Posted by Theo on 10-05-2002 at17:15:

  Ready, set...

The Christmas album is now ready to GO! A few days early! It is available at the Andy's Angels' webstore!

Posted by brdhsnyrsoul on 10-07-2002 at12:04:


Well- it has been ordered and, hopefully, is on its way to me Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

How long does it take for orders to be processed????? Theo comes to Victorville - those legs won't be white for long......

Posted by Theo on 10-07-2002 at18:15:

  In Santa's sleigh

In the sleigh and on the way as of tomorrow. You can probably expect about a two day delivery time (at least that's what it has been to LA). So, I figure that by Thursday you'll be into some new Christmas tunes. I live on the traditional, but this'll be nothing like that. Rock-n-roll all the way.

Posted by brdhsnyrsoul on 10-08-2002 at10:03:



Thanks, Mr. Santa..... Big Grin (you are from the North after all)

Posted by Theo on 10-08-2002 at23:18:

  Great White North

It's a wonderful life presently. Fall is always beautiful here in Western WA, but this Autumn is particularly beautiful. What has this to do with ANYthing? I can tell it is gonna be a terrific Fall and Winter. My concert tomorrow (at my old school--Snohomish County Christian School) is all set and ready. Sound checked. The merch table set up. And there is the new Christmas album. I can't help but feel like it is Christmas morning.

It's been a rough week, but your posts and personal emails have been like the breath of life. Thankx. Thankx very much.

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