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Posted by ramones70 on 03-15-2018 at10:45:

  Placed order on Feb 26th

I placed a order on the website for
Alarma deluxe edition
Shotgun angel deluxe edition
Doppelganger deluxe edition
Vox humana deluxe edition
Paid 84.95 via PayPal only received confirmation from PayPal nothing from danielamos.com
Just was wondering the status of the order.

Posted by audiori on 03-15-2018 at11:50:


Send me an email at eric@danielamos.com with the details and I can check it out.

Posted by ramones70 on 03-18-2018 at06:54:


Just curious is there any update on this order?

Posted by ramones70 on 04-25-2018 at07:52:


The silence is deafening

Posted by Audiori J on 04-25-2018 at13:25:


Not trying to make excuses, but Eric has a LOT going on this week with the kickstarter and his wedding. He will get back to you. The site gets tons of email, so it can take some time to go through it. Plus the board here was down for several weeks.

Be sure and give him as much information about the order as possible (in the email, not in this public forum), it can help in looking up the order to see if there was an issue.

Typically the main issues we've had were orders that were shipped but were lost in the mail, used to have a huge problem with customs on international shipping. People's cards not going through or checks bouncing. And occasionally the credit processing system has a hiccup and charges someone and they don't send us the email invoice we use to fill the orders. In that case we can manually go in the system and look it up with detailed information.

Occasionally people will write asking questions about an order but they just say something like "Can you tell my if my order shipped? Dave" If you have the order number, the date, what you ordered, the total amount and your full name it really helps in finding it.

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