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Posted by PuP on 03-22-2018 at19:58:

  Joy Electric Interview

The Tooth and Nail Record podcast, Labeled, just did an episode on Joy Electric. Ronnie Martin started out the interview talking about how Daniel Amos influenced him. Check it out here: https://labeledpodcast.com/blog/joy-e

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 04-22-2018 at20:12:


Cool, I'll have to give it a listen!

Posted by PuP on 11-20-2018 at13:32:


The Labeled podcast has pivoted and is now trying to document the rise of alternative Christian music in the 90s and 2000s. DA gets about a 20 second mention mark as Aaron Sprinkle talks about his influences. They use a snippet of "William Blake" as the background music.

https://overcast.fm/+I2NOBP7tk. DA is at the 13:25 mark. Go back about 30 seconds for Larry Norman/"Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?" and a Calvary Chapel/Chuck Smith reference if you are into that.

Posted by PuP on 12-07-2018 at10:30:


I swear I get no residuals, but I've been chronicling the DA mentions on the Labeled podcast so here I am again. The latest episode is about Brandon Ebel starting the label, and DA, Terry, Derri, Gene, Mike Knott, the Green Room and Alarma! Records all get mentioned.

Posted by PuP on 01-21-2019 at14:01:


I keep thinking I'm done with this thread but then something new comes along. This time it is an episode on the Cornerstone Festival. It's focused on Tooth & Nail but the 77s name comes up at one point. The next episode is supposed to be a continuation on the subject.


Posted by baxter on 01-21-2019 at15:38:


Thanks Pup! Great podcast. So many good memories there.

Posted by joey on 01-21-2019 at16:00:


i never liked that band, but maybe i'll give it a listen if they say Da is an influence..

Posted by PuP on 02-22-2019 at13:38:


Second part of the Cornerstone episode: https://labeledpodcast.com/blog/npr-xmxxn-k4r8r-rcmm7-5nma7

Come for the blink-and-you-miss it references to DA and the 77s! Stay for the Danielson Familie song clip! Don't miss the MC Hammer story! Find out why Cornerstone ended! Its a roller coaster of nostalgia and other emotions!

Posted by pegotico on 06-18-2019 at19:47:


Originally posted by joey
i never liked that band, but maybe i'll give it a listen if they say Da is an influence..

There are a few nice songs.. not many Big Grin

Posted by wayneb on 06-18-2019 at23:32:


Pegotico returns! Welcome and thanks for the mini CD review.

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