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Posted by sondance on 06-28-2019 at15:29:

  Please Pray for Steve Baxter

Steve is in the hospital in Portland. According to his daughter they are getting him stable so they can operate on his heart.

Posted by Ron E on 06-28-2019 at20:04:

  RE: Please Pray for Steve Baxter

Absolutely, Ken...

Posted by wayneb on 06-29-2019 at00:59:


Will do, also.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 06-30-2019 at20:44:


Definitely. Thanks for letting us know.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 08-21-2019 at08:35:


How is Steve doing these day?

Posted by sondance on 08-22-2019 at21:10:


Originally posted by Jimmy Brown
How is Steve doing these day?

Excellent question sir, which I forwarded to the eminent Baxter (not to be confused with redolent Baxter) for a reply.

Posted by sondance on 08-22-2019 at23:40:


per Mr. Steve:

"I'm doing well...I have a brand new valve in my heart plus a pacemaker and difibulater. this was 2 weeks ago...the day I got home I fell and broke my shoulder....it was and is so painful I have cried...

They put the pacemaker in through my right shoulder. both my arms were immobile. literally can't hardly do anything for my self"

Good progress, thanks be to God, let's keep pryaing

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 08-23-2019 at08:10:


Indeed! Thanks for the reply. Give him our best.

Posted by Ron E on 08-23-2019 at11:26:


Yes, please wish him well!

Posted by Ron E on 09-14-2020 at20:37:


Sadly, Steve has graduated to a better world. I'm not on Facebook so likely most of you have heard this, but it came through Patreon, so I thought I should mention it here too.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 09-16-2020 at10:44:


Thank you, Ron. I hadn't heard. Sad to hear. Prayers for his family and loved ones.

Posted by sondance on 09-18-2020 at13:45:



Sep 9, 2020 at 6:25 PM
Rest in Peace, brother Steve

It's with a heavy heart I write that my brother and former bandmate, Steve Baxter, has passed away. Steve has been battling life-threatening health issues for some time now, and I know he was in a great deal of pain. Among the many wounds he bore, was the loss, (a number of years ago), of a relatively young son. Through all the dark times Steve went through in his lifetime, his beloved family was a source to him of strength, comfort, and unconditional love, and while they, of course, mourn his passing, it’s certain that they, along with myself and his many friends and colleagues, are thankful Steve is no longer suffering. He is now with The One he so faithfully loved and served for so much of his life.

A founding member of the original lineup of Daniel Amos, Steve’s beautifully soaring tenor, along with his songwriting contributions, were essential elements in the formative years of DA. It is not an overstatement when I say that there would have been no Daniel Amos without him.

Somewhat intimidating in appearance, and while not quite what one would describe as a “gentle giant,” Steve resembled a kind of burly mountain man whose tender-hearted, jovial, and quick-to-laugh nature belied any initial physical impression. It was amazing to hear that sweet angelic tenor voice coming out of someone who could easily be mistaken for a motorcycle gang member, or an Alaskan bear trapper. His perfectly-pitched voice, verging on the miraculous, was truly a gift and a rare thing of beauty.

An indispensable addition to the great Celestial Choir, I can imagine a fully-restored, fully-healed Steve Baxter, his glorious voice soaring above all the others in praise and adoration of his beloved Master. Until we meet again my brother, sing on.


Financial funds for cremation expenses are being raised on behalf of the family through GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/steve-baxter-cremation-fund

Please contribute generously. Thank you so very much my friends.

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 09-18-2020 at16:28:


Can anyone post a song where he is featured, or really shines? I'm sure I've heard him in some early DA stuff but I need reminded.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 09-19-2020 at18:51:


I believe he sings lead on "Love in a Yielded Heart." He may also sing lead on "The Bible," but I'm less sure about that; he wrote it, so it's probably him. Both are on the band's first album.

Posted by sondance on 09-20-2020 at20:13:


yes those two songs were written by Steve and he sang lead.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 09-20-2020 at21:47:


Originally posted by sondance
yes those two songs were written by Steve and he sang lead.

Thanks, sondance. I've always be terrible about identifying voices on DA records. I think it was 25 years after the fact that I found out Jerry sang "Little Crosses" on Doppelganger, my first DA album.

Steve did have a lovely voice. Our loss is Heaven's gain.

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 10-21-2020 at08:07:


Check out (again) "Waking Up Under water" on "Dig Here..." If I didn't know better I would have pegged that for Terry.

Posted by ftg3plus4 on 10-29-2020 at07:34:


Sorry to hear about this. I'll admit that the DA era with Steve isn't on my radar at all (I had the first album on both LP and CD but passed both of them on); but there can be no doubt that Steve was important to the founding of the band. Terry's tribute (above) is both beautiful and enlightening.

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