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Posted by ftg3plus4 on 01-06-2020 at12:04:

  Odd things in the credits of MIRACLE FAITH TELETHON

Happened to be looking at my copy of MIRACLE FAITH TELETHON (the original CD) and saw a few things...

(1) On MFT, "Hide The Beer" is credited to Camarillo Eddy/Berger Roy Al/Gene Pool. However, on OUTDOOR ELVIS the song was just created to Camarillo Eddy. Which is correct?

(2) MFT has a (hilarious) Terry-sung version of Isaac Air Freight's "Sprinkler Head." The notes mention the names of IAF's members, but (in an apparent goof) the actual name "Isaac Air Freight" isn't mentioned.

(3) Also on "Sprinkler Head," Ed McTaggart is credited with lead guitar ("Really! We promise!") I guess he's responsible for the very short solo in the middle -- not the most serious solo, but it still sounds like it took some ability. Does Ed have some guitar skills we don't know about?

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