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Posted by Tyler Durden on 02-14-2020 at21:11:

  Terry's Patreon is boomin with greatness

Terry's Patreon account and the music he is creating is what I was hoping that the Avocado Club would be back in 2002. I knew that the music would be creative and fun to listen to, and it is. The unexpected has been the commentary/liner notes he is writing for the songs that are being published as well as the podcast that he is doing with Andrew, his son. The podcasts are awesome and are delving into the history of the bands and music of Terry Scott Taylor.

If you haven't checked it out, I highly highly recommend joining.

Posted by Audiori J on 02-15-2020 at08:09:



The Avocado Club from what I understand now was the brainchild of the then manager. (At them time he would always present these things to us as if the band/Terry was all in.) He wrote the press releases (which included "all kinds of grandiose plans" like reserved seating at shows) and he was in charge of the material that was on the releases and how they were printed. We'd send out the press releases from him, take the orders when he said everything was ready we'd send him the dough and then wait for him to send us the discs to send out. And when I say wait, I mean waaaaaaaaiiiiiit... which meant the club members waaaaaaaiiiiiittted as well.

(Footnote any time T-shirts were promised it worked this same way. The manager would promise them, we'd take the orders and send him the money and he would have them shipped to us about a year late if at all... and we'd have to find the money to ship them all out. Worked like a never oiled machine left out in the rain in a pond.)

Terry wasn't even really 'in on' what was on the discs I don't believe, he was kind of in the dark from what I understand. The manager used some songs Terry demo'd as a song writer for a publisher he was working for at the time and printed those on the discs. Eventually he sent them to us as discs on a spindle. We had to come up with some kind of artwork and send them out and apologize to everyone for the looooong wait.

Apparently the manager at the time made it seem to Terry that we were behind the Avocado Club and when he quit we were accused of not paying the CD printing bill. (We had no idea who even printed them.) When we found out we asked for the invoices from him which all had the managers address on them. This is also how the 77s club worked by the way, although Mike may have had more input on what was on the CDs and what the artwork would look like.

The clubs were a failure. A few interesting CDs came out of it but everything that made them happen was majorly broken.

Patreon is all Terry and Andrew. It's what the Avocado Club should have been. A precursor to it was his Basement "Swine Before Pearl" Demos series he did a few years ago. With that series we basically thought he could produce his own 'Basement Tapes' like Keaggy had done over the years and it was planned it would continue. But Patreon is even better as the money goes directly to the artist and there is a lot less overhead since you are not manufacturing and shipping stuff. Terry is in full control of how it goes which is exactly how it should be. A lot more stable and creatively alive.

Posted by sondance on 02-15-2020 at23:52:


that is good to hear

Posted by joey on 02-18-2020 at17:34:

Thumb Up! RE: Terry's Patreon is boomin with greatness

best 5 bucks a month i spend.. Cool

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