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Posted by damos on 03-05-2020 at09:56:

  Horrendous order

Nearly three weeks ago I placed an order for the Horrendous box set and book,but have yet to receive or receive any communication on the status of the order.Could someone check for me?
Order #16858. Thanks so much .

Posted by Audiori J on 03-05-2020 at11:29:


Yeah we will check on it. Was it the record set or CD set?

Posted by damos on 03-05-2020 at12:09:


It was the cd set.I posted before seeing I shouldn't have on the forum.I did send in a request on the order form.Sorry I didn't realize sooner. By the way,when do you expect Terry's new album to be available ? Thanks again.

Posted by Audiori J on 03-05-2020 at12:28:


I don't have any information on Terry's kickstarter other than what they send out as updates.

We will check on that order.

Posting on the board vs sending the form is really just about organizing so we make sure the message gets to the right place. We used to have people post on the boards, send questions to email discussion lists, send emails about orders to band members or booking people or the manager. Most of these methods never made their way to us. Or one of these people would try to answer without access to the actual order information. We had one band member in one band answering these questions by saying he didn't know why we had not shipped such and such yet.. when we actually had.

We check the board frequently but not as often as the site email, plus with email we can regulate all the order questions to one folder and keep track of them. Here we might see it and forget about it by the time we get home from work or back to filling orders where we have access to order info. Or the thread gets buried.

We also used to have people post simply "where's my order" with nothing that we could actually use to find out who they were, what the order number was or what they ordered.

Occasionally something gets lost in the mail, especially with international orders. And occasionally there can be some hang up with the credit card transactions, a typo or something. And occasionally the credit card transaction place has some hiccup where the invoice email doesn't ever get sent to us.

Posted by damos on 03-05-2020 at13:22:


Thanks.I really appreciate all you do for the DA fan base.

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