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Posted by Jimmy Brown on 04-05-2020 at16:00:

Shocked New Website Design

Well, that was a shock! After all these years, CHANGE! I'm not sure I'm up to this.

Seriously, looks like y'all put a lot of work into this. Looks good, guys!

Posted by audiori on 04-06-2020 at06:52:


We always did a full redesign with major releases, but of course there really hasn’t been one since Dig Here. This one was in the works for Horrendous Disc, but with all of the production work which led right into a major amount of shipping, I wasn’t able to finish until now. It’s still in the works....

Posted by PuP on 04-06-2020 at09:23:


I like how you used Larry Mullen's button in the upper-left corner.

Posted by joey on 04-06-2020 at18:09:


i just have this page bookmarked and come straight here usually, so didn't notice until now. looks great! Cool

Posted by sondance on 04-06-2020 at21:16:


love the Button!! why is it right on on top of Ed's face (as if we didn't know)?

Posted by sondance on 04-06-2020 at22:01:


nice work Eric, really fantastic

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 04-07-2020 at05:39:


It really does look nice.

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 04-07-2020 at05:42:


Originally posted by sondance
love the Button!! why is it right on on top of Ed's face (as if we didn't know)?

On my screen it's planted on Ed's cymbal. It must be like a floating element the position of which changes by the size of your monitor.

Posted by audiori on 04-07-2020 at07:22:


Thanks everyone.

There are still a few pages that I have to update - like the store, but it's getting there. There is also going to be a lot of "clean up" that will take some time. The problem with updating a site this large is that there are countless little things that pop up and create formatting issues or layout problems.

The "DA" drum head logo is floating, so it'll look different depending on your resolution settings.

Posted by wayneb on 05-03-2020 at18:42:


I really appreciate the new design. I know how long it takes to complete a revamp of my own sites...and they are only a few pages!

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