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Posted by wayneb on 10-16-2020 at15:23:

  I voted today and met a DA fan!

It's New Zealand General Election day today. I took my 18 year old son, who is voting for the first time, to the nearest polling station. I had a choice of two that were close, and chose the one that was closest to my workplace. Good choice.
My choice of T shirt was the Horrendous Disc....I thought that maybe someone would ask what it was.
After voting, and waiting for my son to finish, I stood outside and chatted to a guy I knew. One of the Polling Station workers came over and said "Are you a Daniel Amos fan?" This started a great chat where I brought him up to date with the band and suggested that he could visit the website (a quick chat, so he was able to get back to his job!).
So, if he gets to look at the website and sees this post - welcome to the Daniel Amos Forum!

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 10-18-2020 at17:29:


Welcome, future visitor!

I'm glad you had a good voting experience, Wayneb.

Posted by joey on 10-28-2020 at12:41:

Thumb Up! RE: I voted today and met a DA fan!

awesome! voting just involved dropping my ballot off in a box by the library here. usually when i meet a fellow Da fan from wearing a shirt they say something like "oh yeah, i remember them back from the 70's. shotgun angel?" i say something like yes, that is a brilliant album, hey, do you know they are still around? Big Grin

Posted by wayneb on 10-28-2020 at23:35:


That was pretty much the way the conversation went!

Posted by Ron E on 10-31-2020 at19:34:



Posted by joey on 10-31-2020 at23:22:


Originally posted by Ron E


Posted by wayneb on 11-01-2020 at03:48:


I didn't realise it was so long.....

Posted by sondance on 11-26-2020 at10:38:


did DA ever play in NZ?

Posted by wayneb on 11-28-2020 at03:12:


No, sadly. The closest was Tim Chandler who came here with the Keaggy/Stonehill Band (and I got to see him). They were pretty well known here in the "Shotgun Angel" days though.

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