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Posted by Jim Muglia on 10-13-2002 at12:20:

  famous Martys

famous Martys:
Marty Dieckmeyer, of course,
Marty McCall, from First Call
Marty Ballin, "Hearts can be that way" song.
Marty, from Spin and Marty on the Mickey Mouse Club

Any more Martys? Any martyrs named Marty, like Marty the Martyr or something?

Try this ten times fast:
Marty martyred Mary for marrying Marty's married marksman brother Marvin.

Posted by Lost Canine on 10-13-2002 at14:23:


Don't forget another king of storytelling Marty Robbins!

Posted by baxter on 10-13-2002 at16:40:

  more marty

How about Marty Feldman? i'm sure that we have some Young Frankenstein fans here on the DAMB, though i am not one of them. This Marty is burried just a few hundred yards from my brother-in-law.

Then there is Uncle Marty, the Lutheran Church's answer to Ann Landers. If you are wondering if you are morally obligated to visit your in laws, or if you are wondering if the M word is ok, he is the one to write.

There is also Marty Fields, one of Austrailia's most gifted and versatile performers. He gives prodigious amounts of money to charities and his favorite charity is, i kid you not, the Lost Dogs Home. So, lets hear no more starving artist jokes from Mike, Deri, and Terry.

There are, of course, thousands of other notables, who can all be found in Foxy's Book of Martys

Posted by Jim Muglia on 10-13-2002 at21:52:


I think this smarty Marty martyr party is fun as Fhardy yodel party, hardly. Not Fhardy hardly, but yodel hardly at Fhardy yodel party is hardly fun as smarty Marty martyr party, which we're now having in this thread. But then again, that's up for debate I suppose.

Posted by Jim Muglia on 10-15-2002 at20:37:

  Mary Moose, yup that's me!

Hey don't forget Marty Moose, whom Chevy Chase gave a nose adjustment to, in a fit of anger when Wally world was closed, in the movie "Vacation".

That was a filthy movie, by the way, I don't recommend it; but I do recall that part, as I saw the movie about 10 times when it was out.

Posted by baxter on 10-15-2002 at23:13:


i don't think anyone is going to join us on this one Jim.

Don't forget Marty Short, the funniest living SNL alumus.

Posted by brdhsnyrsoul on 10-16-2002 at12:35:


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