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Posted by ™ on 10-18-2002 at00:38:

  Mar-tay Mar-tay Mar-tay

Does Marty have a web site of his own?

(I mean other than http://www.danielamos.com/marty/)

Posted by audiori on 10-22-2002 at23:25:


Not that we know of.... but we just got an email from him and he is working on the songs still.

Posted by ™ on 10-23-2002 at00:26:

  What's Marty's day gig?

What's he do to pay the bills? What're his interests? What's his favorite color (or TST tune for that matter)?

Hey, inquirin' minds wanna know!

Posted by BigDork on 10-28-2002 at09:57:


I miss Mar-Tay...


Posted by EdHead on 10-28-2002 at20:21:



Posted by Carl™ on 10-28-2002 at23:03:

  you were saying?


Posted by Marty D on 11-01-2002 at12:05:


I've been slightly distracted recently to say the least. Family life definitly keeps you busy, with getting our house cleaned up and fixed up to sell, birthdays, vacations, funerals, other peoples sessions, work, etc. when do I get to ME!!!! Well, I've been able to set aside some money to finish this project. I just recently started recording again. I just spent the day at Dave Raven's house recording some drum tracks and I'll be getting together with Chuck Cummings soon to get his amazing talents on this CD as well. I've lined up all the art work and people who'll be putting all that stuff together also. I forgot how much work is involved in all this! Anyway, I'm hoping to get a lot done before we move. Thanks for hanging in there!

Take Care!

Posted by carl on 11-01-2002 at12:39:

  Thanks Marty!

Keep at it, and keep us posted!

the real carl

Posted by EdHead on 11-01-2002 at13:14:


Originally posted by EdHead

....Someones'...I forget now...Frown

Thanks for the update Mar-Tay!


Posted by B Diddy on 11-01-2002 at14:32:


yeah, thanks Mar-Tay!

Posted by ™ on 11-01-2002 at23:17:


Mar-tay kept us in th' loop!

How many of us would love to be able to say:
I just spent the day at Dave Raven's house recording some drum tracks

(too hip, gotta go-)

Posted by BigDork on 12-06-2002 at21:35:


where is Mar-Tay?

Posted by Mark on 12-07-2002 at08:10:


He's been gone awhile.

Posted by ™ on 12-20-2002 at03:10:

  Mart A, Mart E, Mart I, Mart O, Mart U

What else should be happening at this section set aside for Marty?

What's missing?

Posted by Mark on 12-20-2002 at08:09:


Could it be...Marty?

Posted by Mark on 12-20-2002 at08:23:



Posted by ™ on 12-21-2002 at01:02:

  and sometimes Mart Y

Big Grin

Posted by BD on 12-30-2002 at18:09:


where's Mar-Tay?

Posted by Mark on 12-30-2002 at18:46:


Yes, where is he?

Posted by baxter on 12-30-2002 at19:38:


do we get to guess? any clues?

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