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Posted by ™ on 10-19-2002 at21:56:

  Terry Christmas!

It's Christmas Time!

Posted by ™ on 10-20-2002 at01:43:

  City On A Hill-It’s Christmas Time

This time around Hindalong gathered return artists
Jars of Clay, Third Day, Sixpence None the Richer,
Caedmon’s Call and Derri Daugherty (The Choir),
while welcoming newcomers Paul Colman Trio, Sara
Groves, Julie Miller (Buddy & Julie Miller), Out of Eden,
Michael Tait (dc talk, Tait) and
Terry Scott Taylor (Daniel Amos, Lost Dogs) .
Hindalong also recruited longtime friend Derri
Daugherty to co-produce the record. “Derri’s great
acoustic sensibilities lend themselves well to the
record’s intimacy,” Hindalong explains.

Bidding listeners to come and see the season’s
miracles is the album’s first radio single and title track,
“It’s Christmas Time,” written by Taylor and Hindalong.
This original song features the record’s all-star cast,
seven of whom trade lead vocals throughout the

It sets the dramatic stage for Taylor’s “Holy Emmanuel,”
a playful, unassuming birth announcement.

Posted by baxter on 10-20-2002 at01:47:


the most wonderful time of the year! Big Grin

Posted by ™ on 10-20-2002 at02:00:

  and something else

when was th' last time ya heard this kind of money spent on a TST tune! (listen to the quality of th' mix!)

Holy Emmanuel

Posted by baxter on 10-20-2002 at02:06:


Hi tm, i don't think i ever have heard such $.

i spoke to steve H. after his songwriting lecture at Cornerstone this year and thanked him for including TST in the project. He was very excited that Terry was going to have a major role in this City.

Posted by ™ on 10-20-2002 at02:14:


not tm

it's ™ (alt+0153) or for you Mac users (option+2)

and yes, tell me more about yer conversation with SH!

Posted by baxter on 10-20-2002 at02:26:


it wasn't a long conversation. he was pretty nervous about giving the talk, and i told him i thought he did a great job. i'll look for my notes and e mail you parts of his lecture. He gave many examples about how the songwriting process works with him.
he also shared that,(like Terry), he greatly appreciates feedback about what his songwriting has meant to others and how the good Lord has used it to bless others. i thanked him again for some encouragement he had given my wife and i after a Ca concert many years ago. We were infertile at the time and had just experienced another miscarriage. One of the songs he played that day addressed our sorrow. That song ministered to us through the years of drought. He was happy to hear that the Lord eventually blessed us with twins!

Posted by ™ on 10-20-2002 at03:16:


thanks, man, for the transparency.

My wife and I have opted to not have kids. I've got one from a previous marriage. This is Mary's first marriage and she's havin' a hard time coping with the fact that she's never gonna be a Mom. A lot of factors went into our decision, not the least of which is were both bipolar.


That's what I love about threads on this board, you never know where they're gonna end up!

Posted by anne on 10-20-2002 at08:32:


hey baxter,
if you happen to find your notes from s.h.'s songwriting lecture, is there any chance you'd email them to me, too? i ended up having to miss steve's lecture for a family brunch (most of my relatives live in IL) & was very sad about it.

Posted by baxter on 10-20-2002 at17:14:


Certainly Miss Anne, though that initial "if" is quite large
due to my horrendous organizational skills...

more horrendous than any Disc you could imagine. Imagine That.

Posted by arcticsunburn on 10-21-2002 at00:21:


Originally posted by baxter
Certainly Miss Anne, though that initial "if" is quite large
due to my horrendous organizational skills...

more horrendous than any Disc you could imagine. Imagine That.


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