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Posted by ™ on 11-18-2002 at21:59:

  Marty's in Wikipedia!

Marty Dieckmeyer
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Posted by Mark on 11-19-2002 at19:22:


Yes. Follow all the links related to DA, TST, Lost Dogs, etc.

Posted by baxter on 11-20-2002 at10:40:


how many posts would the Baxter thread have to reach for me to get into WIKIpedia?

Posted by Mark on 11-20-2002 at12:26:



Posted by baxter on 11-20-2002 at15:21:


is that a "No chance, fatty!" ?

that punctuation is enough to give the hobbit a stroke...

Posted by Mark on 11-20-2002 at20:46:


Would that be after 1st or 2nd breakfast?

Posted by baxter on 11-21-2002 at01:10:


a hobbit would not be caught dead having a stroke before second breakfast...

Posted by brdhsnyrsoul on 11-22-2002 at16:56:


but if the stroke killed him then after 1rst breakfast is OK?

Posted by Mark on 11-22-2002 at20:49:



Posted by baxter on 11-30-2002 at17:34:


are there any Martys in LOTR? EH says that Shelob's middle name is Marty, but i've learned not to trust him when it comes to name calling...

Posted by dennis on 12-18-2004 at20:24:


Cool Crying Shocked Tongue Smile )

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