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Posted by Dr Rich on 01-09-2003 at15:54:

  Don't worry!

I really like this tune. I hope there is too be more than 10 copies of this CD made 'cuz I want one!

Woo-hoo! Big Grin

Posted by dorfsmith on 03-25-2003 at23:35:


I've never heard any of this music.

Posted by ayespy on 03-26-2003 at07:47:


marty's tunes

Posted by jiminy on 04-03-2003 at13:42:


you save me a bunch of embarrassment!!!!
I had dontworry and Iminlove in my music box for months and could NOT remember who or where they came from.
I think I'm in love is a TERRIFIC tune- I been listening 2 it for months, wondering about its source.
Between that and a cat video- all my prescription needs have been filled!!!
U de king!

Posted by jiminy on 04-03-2003 at13:44:

  whoa nelly!!!

think Roy berger will get cranked as we schmooze the "other" bass player from DA??

(hint to see him post perhaps....................???)
Or MD- you can post 2 ya know!!!!!!
(not you Doctor- the OTHER MD!)

Posted by dennis on 12-18-2004 at20:29:


Originally posted by ayespy
marty's tunes


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