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Posted by Joey T. on 01-22-2003 at14:21:


Originally posted by Baxturd the White
If you really want answers, return to your fried eggs.


Posted by Baxturd the White on 01-22-2003 at14:49:


That goes for you too!

Posted by ™ on 01-24-2003 at02:03:

  the answer my friend

is fryin' in th' pan

the answer is an egg in the shape of.....


Posted by Baxturd the White on 01-24-2003 at09:10:


Get to packin' TM.

Posted by Mark on 01-24-2003 at09:30:



Posted by joey on 03-11-2003 at13:03:


Originally posted by baxter
i read on the website that the Tuxedo Clad Megastar was not "born of woman?"


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