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Posted by morrisdacat on 05-19-2002 at02:32:

  Marty's GREAT new songs

Just a note to say I think your new songs are awesome! Great to hear you're up to something musically. I'm a long time Daniel Amos fan up in Seattle,WA. and you can count me in for a cd!! Good luck and God Bless!

Posted by Marty D on 05-21-2002 at11:28:


Thanks for taking the time to listen and posting!

Posted by Woggy on 05-21-2002 at11:37:

  I liked 'em, too!

Good stuff there................enjoyed the tunage AND the lyrics.

Posted by servantsteve on 07-02-2002 at08:39:

  Marty Tunes

The tunes were very beatle-esque. I enjoyed them a great deal. If you did a whole album, I would hope there would be some pieces with a more spiritual theme to them.

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