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Posted by Marty D on 05-28-2002 at15:27:

  Next Step

Well, I've been encouraged by all of the feed back I've received (even the honest input by some who shared less favorable opinions. Stretch and grow...stretch and grow..). My next step is to start recording 9 to 12 songs. I'll be recording the material using Cakewalks Sonar 2.0 recording software and Pro Tools. I won't be able to complete the CD for a few months. I'm going to get as much input as I can from musicians you all know (Dave Raven, Rob Watson, Chuck Cummings, etc.) and some other talented people who are up and coming. So...I'm pretty excited and will be staying in touch with ya'll via this mb.


Posted by ™ on 05-28-2002 at15:49:

  can't wait

Yo Mar-tay,

Are you familiar with Cool Edit Pro software?

Posted by dennis on 12-18-2004 at20:35:



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