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Posted by Mountain Fan on 06-02-2011 at20:50:


did someone say take their top off?

Posted by EdHead on 06-12-2011 at10:55:



Posted by Mountain Fan on 05-19-2013 at19:29:


it's almost summertime - or is it already

Posted by wayneb on 05-20-2013 at00:26:


Not here in NZ. Coming into Winter....

Posted by joey on 12-04-2013 at13:36:

Thumb Down!

Originally posted by Eleanor
should I take my shirt off too?

please, no! Shocked

Posted by PuP on 07-30-2014 at20:28:


Originally posted by Mountain Fan
it's almost summertime - or is it already

It is, but...

winter is coming...

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 02-20-2016 at10:27:


I'll ask this same question of anyone why says that- you got the thorax for it?

Posted by PuP on 11-17-2017 at22:54:


Since no one's been here lately, I might as well get comfortable...

Posted by joey on 11-20-2017 at11:50:


some still stop by occasionally, get it back on! Evil Tongue Pleased

Posted by Mountain Fan on 05-14-2018 at23:09:


90s when it should still be 80s ... definitely time for taking the top off Smile

Posted by Mountain Fan on 02-27-2020 at23:04:


got my first car with a sunroof (used). didn't really want it, but kinda cool so far. prolly the closest i'll get to a convertible. Big Grin

Posted by Mountain Fan on 02-27-2020 at23:05:


are you supposed to take your top or bottoms off first? Confused Shocked Big Grin

Posted by wayneb on 06-27-2020 at01:57:


Great to see Marty is adding some bass parts into Terry's new solo LP. Time to take the top off again???

Posted by joey on 07-10-2020 at16:00:


we'd have to talk dorfy to coming back for that to happen.. Frown

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