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Posted by baxter on 05-08-2004 at18:05:


Thanks for the site! i'll visit it later. My son is downloading some Phil Joel music for his mother right now Shocked

Posted by PuP on 05-08-2004 at23:20:


I got some Wodehouse novels from there once. Love Among the Chickens was my favorite. I just love the title. And the story. And the dialogue. Wodehouse writes great dialogue, do you agree?

Posted by baxter on 05-09-2004 at09:19:


i agree!

Posted by PuP on 05-28-2004 at14:59:


What is the first Jeeve's novel? I need to see if Project Gutenberg has it.

Posted by baxter on 05-28-2004 at15:31:


i'm not sure of the order. If only i had a Jeeves to ask... i will try to find out.

Posted by PuP on 06-08-2004 at22:16:


I'm gonna ask him.

Posted by PuP on 06-08-2004 at22:17:


Hey, he knew! Shocked

"My Man Jeeves"

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