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Posted by Zeke Luedtke on 03-23-2002 at23:10:

  Big Time News!

This announcement comes via www.lifest.com...

Daniel Amos, the 77s, Derri Daugherty, Lost Dogs, Mike Stand, Vigilantes of Love and Rick Altizer have been confirmed for Lifest 2002 in Oshkosh, WI! Lifest takes place July 11-14 (the Thursday through Sunday following C'stone).

For more info, go to www.lifest.comwww.lifest.com

Posted by jc on 03-25-2002 at07:41:

  say wha?

do they have a site?

Posted by Guido Martinez on 03-25-2002 at13:25:


Let me be the first to say, THIS glows with warmth. I can't make it to C-Stone OR Life-Fest this year. Therefore, I am hoping that the following events happen in my absence:

- Tim can't make it again this year and is replaced by the highly overrated, albeit flamboyant bass player, Zeke Luedtke.
- Jerry doesn't show up (as usual)
- Ed takes a vacation (and is replaced by that drummer wannabe guy on the Choir board, Torgo).
- Greg finally acknowledges that he is highly underrated, and refuses to go on stage with the likes of Zeke and Torgo.
- Terry, shaken by Greg's sudden departure, calls on his good pal, Carmen, to fill in for him.

This would make me a happy man....

Posted by Dr Rich on 03-25-2002 at16:10:


hey, if Scaterd Few can make it, that would be perfect Smile

Posted by BigDork on 03-25-2002 at22:03:


a place even farther away!!!!!

wont be there eitherFrown

it's closer for you JimiNy

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