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Posted by audiori on 08-29-2004 at12:30:

  From Marty Dieckmeyer

Well, believe it or not we're closing in on finishing this
stink'n project. We've hunkered down the last couple of
months and have accomplished a lot.

We've got a few overdubs to do and two songs left to record.
But with our latest push, we should be finishing this thing soon.

Take Care,

Marty Dieckmeyer.

Posted by Mark on 08-29-2004 at13:48:


Great Marty. Keep us posted.

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-30-2004 at13:26:


Shocked Marty is allowed to post here Tongue

Posted by Eleanor on 09-19-2004 at10:16:


I'm pretty sure we scared him away Crying

Posted by dennis on 11-03-2004 at03:07:

Thumb Up!

I am looking forward to this! Pleased

Posted by dennis on 11-16-2004 at16:03:



Posted by Uncle Ralph on 12-18-2004 at20:06:



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