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Posted by kevinf on 07-15-2002 at16:03:

  Adam Again 10 Songs

HELP!!! People, please help out here: There are people who are actually now selling the re-release of "10 Songs" on E-bay. The bids are actually up to $50. Please, please, PLEASE spread the word that the CDs are still available directly from lo-fidelity records (www.lo-fidelity.com) for $20 or so. You can also get them here at the Daniel Amos web store for same. Please let anyone you know who might be interested in 10 Songs know that NOBODY needs to pay $30 or $40 for a CD that is still readily available. This version has been completely remastered (trust me) and includes a very cool bonus track. This was an extremely difficult (and expensive) thing to get done, and rest assured that the money coming in is going to recoup costs and hopefully pave the way toward future cool releases. This has been such a sought-after item all these years, and the last thing we need is for people to needlessly capitalize on that.

Posted by jeffrey k. on 07-15-2002 at16:59:

  "ten songs on ebay"...beat them at the game!

Please spread the word...there is NO NEED to pay inflated ebay auction prices for "Ten Songs". To beat these sellers at their own game, I am now listing "Ten Songs" on Ebay with the minimum price and "buy it now" price as the same as if they purchased directly from www.lo-fidelity.com or www.danielamos.com, etc. There will be no need to bid!!! PLEASE help spread the word that the CD is in print, can still be purcahsed, and no longer costs $50 or more a copy!


jeffrey k.

Posted by audiori on 07-15-2002 at19:22:


We're going to send out an announcement to our news list I think... I'll also try to hit some of the newsgroups and message boards (the ones that might not know about it yet that is).

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