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Posted by mossy_macdonald on 07-16-2002 at20:26:

  Marty new and old...

Mr. Deickmeyer...

I had not heard your voice, sir, since
Daniel Amos's "Props." Good to hear it again.
Is now a good time for you to tell the tale
(at last) of your "reluctant" lead vocal duty?
However you felt about it, I've always loved that song
and your performance of it.

Your songwriting is strong. The lyrics are
clever but unpretentious. (Thank you for that;
I like Radiohead as much as the next guy, but
they've got enough smarm for a gaggle
of music industries.)

Honesty and intelligence
are truly a turn-on.

Musically, speaking, I appreciate that the tracks
are clearly informed by the current musical context
without being derivative.

Keep doin' it!
Let me know when I can
buy the album.

Mossy MacDonald
AKA Pete Williams

Posted by mossy_macdonald on 07-16-2002 at23:26:



Well... a good DADLer pointed out to me
that that is not your voice on the new demos.

Ugh. Well, take my thumbs up for what it's worth.
The endorsement of a

must sleep now.

Posted by Marty D on 07-30-2002 at18:49:

  No can sing!

Mossy-Thanks for the input. I think one has to be honest about one's abilities and then make valued decisions. I can sing, but not as good as Glen Lystne (the vocalist on I'm In Love). I'd like these tunes to go futher then my voice can carry them, if there's any hope of that happening, then I don't pick my voice. I plan on singing one or two songs on this album, if I can convince myself.

Posted by samson on 08-03-2002 at21:13:

  No can sing!

hey maybe you can get mark cook in on the act as well Big Grin

b.t.w where steve????

Posted by Lost Canine on 08-03-2002 at21:42:


Originally posted by samson
hey maybe you can get mark cook in on the act as well Big Grin

b.t.w where steve????

Uhh, read the "Where's Marty" thread.

Posted by Mark on 08-03-2002 at21:43:


It'll explain everything

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