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Posted by Dr Rich on 06-07-2005 at22:04:


It's on my "To Buy" list!Cool

Posted by Marty D on 06-08-2005 at01:27:


Alright Mark! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yeah, one things for sure.....Terry sure does write great lyrics!

Posted by Stuart Pedasso on 06-19-2005 at23:26:


Hey, I bought mine right away too! Heck, I even got that Jevon the Knob to write to your ultra secret hotmail account too ...

So there! And there, and there too.

I like it ... I'm trying to put my finger on Glen's vocals ... totally reminds me of someone, and I can't get it. I'm tempted to say Dave Matthews but that's not it ...

I'm enjoying the pop, and Marty I didn't know you were so accomplished on so many instruments.

Jevo ... er Stu.

Watch for a full review coming to a website near you.

Posted by Jevon the Tall on 06-19-2005 at23:40:


Eyeeew Stuuuuu-fart. I bought the album, I wasn't asked nor forced to send the suck up note to the hotmail address - which by the way must not work since it generated NOTHING in the way of a response. Don't people know who I am? Sheesh.

Still, it's a good solid album from two old farts who have managed to linger around for a while. Way to go.

Posted by Mountain Fan on 06-21-2005 at09:53:


Stu and Jev seem to be having personality disorders? Tongue

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