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Thread: TST mp3s

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06-21-2002 12:06 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by Joey T.
When K and I is only 9 bucks at RadRockers . They had Briefing for about 15 not too long ago... Don't try to buy any really rare TST stuff there though... Ouch! Pleased

Thanks for the tip!
Thread: TST mp3s

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TST mp3s 06-20-2002 23:53 Forum: General Discussion

I don't really know if this is, ahem, proper to ask, but I wonder if anyone has TST "Knowlege" and "Briefing" as mp3s? I own the records, but, alas, I no longer own a turntable, much less the software/hardware necessary to put the tracks on my hard drive or on a CD. If someone would be willing to simply e-mail me the tracks, I would be much obliged. (I sincerely believe this is legal, as well as ethical and fair to the artists. If someone disagrees, I am willing to be corrected. . . . )

By the way, I just burned a CD of pretty much the whole DA discography to listen to on my portable CD/MP3 player (which I got for free by the way!!). I only included DA titles, not SE, and had just enough room for all: 207 songs, 11:39:35 total time, 642.6 mb. I left out "And So it Goes" from MBD, b/c they included that long blank space, and the random sounds at the end, and that track put me over the top. I haven't figured out how to edit individual mp3 files. (By the way, I own all the CDs for which I have the mp3s, so don't start about pirating!)

Good night!
Thread: Scared Cows hunt

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bottom of the playlist 05-20-2002 14:07 Forum: General Discussion

I just got this one, and I've gotten a kick out of it. I'll keep it for "completist" reasons, but I'm not sure how much I'll listen to it. It's pretty funny, but I guess I wasn't much into Christian pop music at the time, since I knew less than half the songs covered. It's still pretty fun, even not knowing the songs, but I'm sure if I was more familiar with the originals I would better appreciate the Eddies's wit.

I pulled out my Dr. Edward Taylor telethon disk this weekend. Hadn't listened to it in a while. Now that's good stuff! My wife, who merely tolerates my listening to such silliness, commented on "Hide the Beer" that it sounds like the monsters on Sesame Street! Maybe she's right, I don't know. But I am looking forward to the forthcoming, long overdue follow up.
Thread: Music & ministry

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Music & ministry 05-20-2002 12:38 Forum: General Discussion

I saw an article about a local guy who won an award for his work in child advocacy. He is a social worker at a non-profit org., dealing with lots of abused kids & their foster families.

Here's the relevant quote:
Lappinga has learned to incorporate certain tools for witnessing into his work with young people, and has found music to be a vary powerful one. For example, Lappinga said, when he drives a child to court for a hearing, he plays music from contemporary Christian music groups such as Lost Dogs, Daniel Amos, The Choir, and The 77's. "It's a good opening to talk about the Lord," he said. . . . Each year he takes Oakdale [his church] youths to the Cornerston Festival in Illinois, sponsored by Jesus People USA, to expose them to Christian rock music. He finds that this music provides a bridge between youth culture and the gospel.
(end of quote)

That, my friends, is what it's all about! I recall when I worked as a youth minister, what a connection I made with good Christian music. Many kids were surprised to hear good rock music with positive, even positively Christian lyrics.
Thread: Scared Cows hunt

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I found Cows 05-17-2002 12:35 Forum: General Discussion

I was unaware of this gem (?) until recently, and didn't want to pay what it has been going for on ebay, so I just did a google search for it. I found a couple of places selling it, used. Try this one:
Funny how the market works. I wondered if I ought to tell this guy, hey, you can get 30-40 bucks for this on ebay. But I just paid my 7.99 plus shipping and smiled.
By the way, a while back someone pointed out how high Violet Burning's first CD was going for on ebay. I went home and pulled my copy off the rack and told my wife, this CD went for $100 (or whatever it was) on ebay! Without hesitating, she said, you shouldn't have told me that! How do I list yours on ebay! I'd better keep it under lock and key . .. .
Happy cow hunting!
Thread: News from the DA News List

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This sounds terrific! 05-08-2002 08:38 Forum: General Discussion

Not only new TST stuff, which will be awesome, but DFBB re-release! My cassette was worn out and lost ages ago. I'm so glad I didn't plunk down $50 on e-bay for it! And, what a surprise, a new Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor telethon project! I can't wait to hear what they've come up with! When can I place my order? Bring it on!
Thread: TST does read this board!

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TST does read this board! 05-03-2002 08:40 Forum: General Discussion

I saw this TST quote on the Galaxy21 web site:
"Once in a while I drop in on the DA website and go to the board and find some of the nicest words of encouragement, which really fuels the whole band's desire to keep this thing going as long as God wills, and as long as there are those wonderful people out there who are ready for our next musical expression," Taylor says.
For the record, Mr. Taylor and friends, I hope you will keep it going! Your "musical expressions" are terrific. Thanks for all your hard work!
Thread: Uncle Randy at my church

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Uncle Randy at my church 04-22-2002 08:59 Forum: General Discussion

It's been 15 or 20 years since I bought my first Randy Stonehill LP, but I never had heard him live--until last night! He played at our church in Grand Rapids, Mich. What a treat! He does a terrific show, and hung around afterwards until everyone had gone home except the guy turning out the lights. He is quite likeable and approachable. I also never really had an appreciation for what a terrific guitar player his is. He played mostly newer stuff, including a couple of songs from his new childrens album. I bought a copy, but haven't listened to it yet.
One TST story. Randy was talking about the Uncle Stonehill's Hat recording sessions, where "grown men were laughing and giggling uncontrollably." He said that at one point TST, who co-wrote many of the songs and produced, looked at him and said, "Can you believe we can make a living doing this?" Life is good.
Now if only I could catch DA live . . . . The Stonehill show reminded me of the let-down of the Legends show cancellation last fall.
By the way, Randy said that LN is re-releasing Welcome to Paradise on CD. It's in final production, should be available in the next couple of weeks. Also, he's doing an acoustic album of original tunes, due out in Sept. Groovy!
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