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Thread: Help Horrendous

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Help Horrendous 08-04-2020 08:21 Forum: General Discussion

I am at a loss as to what to do.
Back in February I emailed Eric Townsend this:
I signed up for the Horrendous Disc box set (the level that came with everything) back at the beginning. I am so grateful this release happened.
I listened to the vinyl for the actual album today (I had listened to all the other stuff initially and never got around to giving a focused listen to the album itself till today).
Side one of record one has some kind of pressing problem. A very syncopated ,repetitive ,distorted noise happens through the entire side. I have a nice turntable and it is aligned and Understand the difference between just normal background noise and something that is a problem.
I listened to all of the other records and they are fine. But, man, I would really appreciate it if I could swap my side one/two for a replacement. It is just disappointing to have paid all that money and to have the album itself be unlistenable.
He wrote back:
Hi Aaron,
I’ve heard of this popping up on a couple of copies...... the printer originally had issues with surface noise, scrapped that printing and started over with new plates. I’m thinking that when they shipped them to us, they mixed in the copies that had noise. I can replace it for you. -Eric

Then it became me emailing him pretty much throughout the year to remind and ask him about it. He wrote back a few times saying he would mail it out but that didn’t happen. Then he just quit responding at all.
I then messaged the admins here two weeks ago to see if there was any way they could help and I have yet to hear from them as well.
I am genuinely frustrated.
Thread: Daniel Amos - Horrendous Disc Deluxe

Replies: 310
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03-09-2014 12:13 Forum: Upcoming Releases

Any word on where this project is at? Really chomping at the bit.
Thread: Daniel Amos - Horrendous Disc Deluxe

Replies: 310
Views: 256,845
11-10-2012 20:48 Forum: Upcoming Releases

Any updates?
Thread: DA Tour 2011

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06-20-2011 10:58 Forum: General Discussion

The Wilmington, Ohio show was terrific. A good crowd that brought good energy and vibes. A solid venue with excellent 30K watt sound system that hit the room with good thump and detail. There was even some concert level lighting going on!
All of the vocals were great (Averret added beautifully- he also brought energy). I thought it interesting that they played 2 from Bibleland and nothing from Darn Floor. I hate to be picky (but fans are by nature) but I would have rather heard more D.A. than the Eddie cuts. Otherwise, all of the choices were very satisfying--getting to hear a Beuchner cut was a treat!
The band was gracious with the fans after the show but I missed getting a photo with Terry - he left early.
Huge thanks to Allen Willoughby and his Sugartree Ministry (doing great things for his community) for providing the venue. His being in the old Willoughby Wilson band probably had some influence on his above average sound system.
So great to see DA live.
Thread: DA touring in June 2011

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01-05-2011 15:07 Forum: General Discussion

Man, oh man. Very excited. Details, must have details.
Thread: Top 5 Daniel Amos Albums

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07-26-2008 10:30 Forum: General Discussion

Late to the game here but here are my top 5 and why:

5. Shotgun Angel: They were a different band in many ways back then but the slick 70's analog production coupled with Terry Taylor's whimsical lyrics and the band's unusual persona make this record quite an achievement. There really wasn't a christian record out there that sounded quite like it. Sure it sounds like the Eagles or whatever but in the end its kinda like DA were pressing their tongues firmly in their cheeks as they appeared to be playing it straight.

4. Vox Humana: I think the boys SHOULD release a new version of this album b/c the songs are just GREAT and a new production spin would open up a whole new view. That being said, the album sounds great to me still. With bands like Postal Service bringing back the synth, this album doesn't sound dated it sounds in.

3. Horrendous Disc: A really great pop record that has plenty of melody/lyrical craft. My best friend growing up turned me on to DA and this was the album that struck a chord first. They were channeling late period Beatles but subverting it at the same time. There are a few songs that sound like filler but the rest is just amazing.

2. Darn Floor: This was a tough decision. I keep flipping this and Doppleganger around. This is without a doubt the best thing the band has ever achieved musically. Greg's guitar work is so critical, so key. Everything is top shelf.

1. Doppleganger: It's just the single most definitive DA record. They are who they are on this record. There is something dark and haunting about this record. It's funny and scary. It's melodic and aggressive. It's slick and it's raw. Not to sound like a vinyl snob but this record, more than any other DA album, sounds so much better on LP than CD.
Thread: Ultimate Horrendous Disc Update?

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05-17-2008 15:30 Forum: General Discussion

Bumping the thread. Any word on HD?
Thread: Ultimate Horrendous Disc Update?

Replies: 359
Views: 274,931
04-06-2007 12:03 Forum: General Discussion

I am jazzed about this release. I was jazzed when the first cd finally came out. There was a time when this album seemed forever locked away with Larry Norman. I remember I went to one of Norman's shows back in the early 90's and I asked him the likelyhood of HD getting released and he just kinda laughed at me and said releasing that album was not likely. It's wonderful that there are these lavish releases for DA's albums after fans have had to scavange around for so many years grabbing up what they could and at times paying nutzo prices (radrockers auctions anyone?).
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