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Thread: DA top 5

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WHAT ABOUT SOME COUNTRY?! 10-19-2002 10:41 Forum: General Discussion

Here's one vote for their self-titled LP, Daniel Amos.
Not sure it's a Top 5er, but I sure do listen to it a lot!
I did "Abidin'" at church one Sunday and the folks appreciated the humorous way it pointed out two of the many sins running rampant in our church.
Thread: The Beatles and TST tunes

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10-17-2002 19:26 Forum: General Discussion

S&G didn't outsell the Stones either, or the Doors, but probably did outdo Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, who by the way, also sold lots and lots of records!
Thread: The Beatles and TST tunes

Replies: 33
Views: 20,093
TST & The Beatles 10-16-2002 21:27 Forum: General Discussion

There are Beatlesque touches everywhere, but I agree, the most blatant one that comes to mind is "(What's Come) Over Me", especially with the harmonica.
I like this question, and will go back to respond more. I was a huge Beatles fan. They've influenced many, but with time that influence has waned some.
By the way, did you guys know the Beatles sold lots and lots of records (big black cds for those young guys)?
Thread: Headstones

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Headstone 10-03-2002 18:11 Forum: General Discussion

I think I'd like this on my headstone, a slightly modified lyric:
"he's at the dance in his underpants"
Thread: top 5 Taylor songs

Replies: 63
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Broken Ladders to Glory - Interpretation? 09-24-2002 21:57 Forum: General Discussion

I, too, count Broken Ladders to Glory as one of my many favorites by TT and Co., but can anyone help me interpret it? Sometimes I think I have it, other times, I'm lost. I sure appreciate it.
Awaiting Christ's return,
Showing posts 1 to 5 of 5 results

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