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Thread: Going Rate for Alarma Chronicles?

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AC Reissues 02-28-2007 00:39 Forum: General Discussion

Just a note to let it be known that I am interested in any reissues.
I couldn't bring myself to bid (too high) on any of the book sets that came up on ebay, but would really like to get them (and the book) someday - again. I haven't heard FS since it came out. And I would like to get the edition of A! with the bonus material (I have an lp sealed, and a cassette but no transcribing equipment). DF,BB is also missing from my set (It just came up today on ebay with a starting price of $75!!), so would purchase a reissue/remaster/expanded edition as well.

Unlike a previous poster, I 'feel' that the A!C are the height of DA material.
(This doesn't denigrate DF.BB or M.) I must admit that this may be due to a personal -live- experience at a concert in Edmonton for the 'my-hair-points-to-the-sky' tour.

Showing posts 1 to 1 of 1 results

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