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Thread: Relatively new on iTunes

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09-10-2010 00:36 Forum: Upcoming Releases

I went ahead and DL'd "I Had a Bad Experience With the CIA" from iTunes. I've been trying to put a playlist together of all the songs Terry performed on the Texas tour last year with Steve H. and that was one of the ones I didn't have. I'm missing 2 or 3 I think.
Thread: Terry's Texas Concert

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08-02-2009 02:32 Forum: General Discussion

I went to both the Austin and San Antonio shows, and picked me up a copy of Vox Humana. I had forgotten that ever had a re-release on CD. I was planning (and even told Terry) that I was going to go to the Pflugerville show, but I ended up not being able to make it. Frown

But yeah, that set list was pretty much what they did for the Austin and San Antonio gigs.
Thread: "Terry Taylor & Friends" Tour -- THE Summer tour of 2009

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RE: Austin, TX House Concert - Mon July 27th 07-27-2009 00:20 Forum: General Discussion

I went to the Austin and San Antonio shows. I'll probably go to this show too....

Originally posted by lam77s
For those of you who missed the show in Austin last night....

Mon - July 27th
House Concert, Austin, TX 78660
More info: 512-680-8761


Linda A. Miller 541-729-7771
Artist Management and Promotion
1631 Adkins St, Eugene, OR 97401
Follow on twitter.com/LAM77s
Thread: Woo hoo!! Terry is coming to Texas!!

Replies: 14
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05-31-2009 20:33 Forum: General Discussion


I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread. I'm an Austinite, so I'd definitely be willing to make the trek to Houston or San Antonio.
Thread: Favorite DFBB song?

Replies: 26
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12-08-2008 23:15 Forum: General Discussion

"Big, Warm, Sweet, Interior Glowing" from Kalhoun
Thread: darn floor!

Replies: 49
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11-28-2008 22:23 Forum: General Discussion

Where are people getting these emusic stats from? I see #51 and #316 in this thread. But every time I go on emusic and look at "Today's Top Albums", it's in the top 20. Are you all speaking of completely different stats?

Nevermind, I see what you guys are doing. I was only looking at "today" stats I guess.
Thread: darn floor!

Replies: 49
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11-26-2008 23:23 Forum: General Discussion

Waterloo Records in Austin had this, so I went ahead and bought it there.

It's also #15 on emusic right now.
Thread: Daniel Amos - Darn Floor Big Bite 20th Anniversary

Replies: 653
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07-23-2008 23:15 Forum: Upcoming Releases

I just found out about this today.

I'm stoked!
Thread: Are the Lost Dogs coming back to Texas this summer?

Replies: 8
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RE: Are the Lost Dogs coming back to Texas this summer? 05-01-2008 20:08 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by sprinklerhead
If they do, I'll be there. Somebody should use their tax rebate to stimulate the Dogs economy. I would but mine is going towards Africa.

Hey another Austinite. Cool!
Thread: Post your favorite live quotes from Terry & Friends!

Replies: 15
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11-03-2007 12:07 Forum: General Discussion

At a Mike Roe solo show before playing "Shotgun Angel"...

Mike: When it came time to pick a Daniel Amos song to cover, we figured it was best to choose the song that sucked least.......now I don't want to hear this get back to Terry, ok?

*those weren't his exact words but I'm sure you get the gist...
Thread: OK, so does anyone have any spare Darn Floor Big Bite inserts?

Replies: 15
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10-20-2007 17:42 Forum: General Discussion

I think I'll just wait for the re-issue. In the meantime, I switched the jewel case for my Fearful Symmetry CD from a single to a double CD case so it holds both my DFBB and FS CDs. I'm creative.
Thread: OK, so does anyone have any spare Darn Floor Big Bite inserts?

Replies: 15
Views: 10,706
10-14-2007 20:13 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by Drtuddle
We already have one! Go away or I will taunt you a second time!

Now, this is your last chance. I've been more than reasonable.
Thread: OK, so does anyone have any spare Darn Floor Big Bite inserts?

Replies: 15
Views: 10,706
10-14-2007 19:34 Forum: General Discussion

Well, I have the actual Grail itself. I just need the artwork for it! Cool

Ok, so I have maybe 75% of the Grail.
Thread: OK, so does anyone have any spare Darn Floor Big Bite inserts?

Replies: 15
Views: 10,706
OK, so does anyone have any spare Darn Floor Big Bite inserts? 10-14-2007 01:51 Forum: General Discussion

I was at a Half Price Books store earlier today in Austin, and they had the DA 1982 bootleg for $10.99. I grab it, go up front to pay, and then the clerk up front is supposed to go into the store's CD library to get the actual CD and give it to me. They search for the CD and bring it up, and it's Darn Floor Big Bite (which I actually want a lot more), not the bootleg. Anyways, we couldn't find the Darn Floor case anywhere. Either an employee got the 2 albums mixed up in a previous sale, or the person who sold it to them got it mixed up. So, now I have a Darn Floor CD, but with no inserts. It's all good though. But if anybody here has spare Darn Floor inserts, I'll gladly pay to take them off your hands.

A stretch, I know. Cool
Thread: Daniel Amos sampled Scaterd Few?

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Daniel Amos sampled Scaterd Few? 09-18-2007 12:38 Forum: General Discussion

I swear there is a small snippet in Scaterd Few's "Kill the Sarx II (Apocalypse)" song that sounds like it was sampled and looped as background noise in Daniel Amos' "My Frontier" on Motorcycle.
Thread: K M G

Replies: 28
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12-03-2006 23:38 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by Mountain Fan


Man...when was the last time that site was updated? heh
Thread: Daniel Amos Discography

Replies: 70
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12-03-2006 23:31 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by jeffrey k.
Originally posted by joey
or even better, do it with dfbb... Shocked
if terry can't ever get the rights to that album, could he re-do it that way?
would that be legal? Confused

As far as I understand this, any artist can re-record anything they want, but they would still have to pay the owners of the music to do it. It's just like a band covering a song...same .concept.

Cracker did this recently. They have had a long running dispute with Virgin Records over their records....which came to another head earlier this year when they found out the label was doing a "Best Of" without consulting them. They asked Virgin to not release the CD as there had already been another Best Of released just a couple years earlier, but Virgin told them to more or less....well....go fornicate themselves....at least according to the band. To complicate matters, the band had a new album they were going to release (on another label as they are no longer on Virgin) and the "Best Of" was scheduled to come out at the same time, which only made things worse....

So....the band delayed their new record release, found out what the track list for the Virgin "Best Of" was going to be, and then went into the studio and re-recorded every song live. Then, to mess with Virgin, they told all the fans to not buy the Virgin version, and then released their own "Best Of" on the same day as the Virgin release....outselling it 10 to 1. In the process they came close to paying off all their publishing debts to Virgin, and apparently will soon own all their old records!! Nothing like a label shooting itself in the foot....I mean Virgin did get "paid", but Cracker is coming out ahead.

jeffrey k.

And then they tacked on that "Ain't Gonna Suck Itself" song. It's hilarious. Big Grin

I saw Cracker in concert recently. The Elms opened and were OK live, but I don't find them very interesting on CD. Cracker on the other hand schooled us in the art of rock.
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