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Thread: Relatively new on iTunes

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Downloads 09-19-2010 11:20 Forum: Upcoming Releases

Hey all, I haven't been around a lot for a while now, but wanted to hop on and say thanks for some of the new stuff by all of the groups on itunes...I just downloaded Mr. Buechners Dream. I had the CD's but they got scratched and certain songs wouldn't play. I am stoked to just hop on and download the tunes. I have all the original packaging and was more than happy to order it have it. Gotta live instant gratification. It's nice if I have the tape or album to get a digital version without having to rip it all into my computer myself.
Thanks all
Thread: Who is planning on getting the DAmb Fan Disc

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I voted 10-28-2002 14:16 Forum: General Discussion

I voted for both Jonny Edwards & Lucy!
Thread: The Beatles and TST tunes

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I keep trying to get out... 10-18-2002 12:12 Forum: General Discussion

and you keep drawing me back in...
I haven't posted in a while but since Dr & I have discussed this very thing over many late nights, I thought I'd throw my hat in.
Here's one that has two very blatant Beatles allusions

Live and Let Live
Of course the title compared to McCartney's Live and Let die
but the keyboard version of the sitar thing at the begining and the end is a blatant beatles copy of the beginning of Love You Too(I think that's the name of the song) on Revolver
I do agree with the Good Dr that VH is chok full of Beatles sounding things.
I always thought that Dance stop sounded much like something from the end of Abbey Road, like Love You or maybe something from Let it Be...

Something similar but unrelated is that moon song on HD, where Terry's voice sounds just like elton john's(at least to me).
BTW, I know that I'm lax on my memory of song titles, so give me a break...
Thread: Wilco

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I'm going on 09-09-2002 18:50 Forum: General Discussion

The 20th of Sept here in Madison to see it. I'm pretty pumped to check it out. So it was worth seeing in the theatre. wasit a good "movie" or was it more like a really long music video. Just curious. I'm sure I'll go and love it, but when I can I like to get a preview from my good buddy Dr.
Yea on the Terry subject, it didn't strike me as surprising at all that Terry sites them in his interview at the end of disk 3 of WEWH. What would be interesting would be to see if Jeff & co has heard of Terry/DA etc. Hmmmm.
Thread: which one is "weird?"

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They are great! 09-05-2002 18:05 Forum: General Discussion

I must admit that I skip over Swirling Mellow, but The Farm Beetles is so hillarious. The first time I played it I was rolling on the floor, too funny! I haven't heard Sacred Cows...the whole point is that wacky sense of humor! I love it. That's what impressed me about the Eddies when i first heard Outdoor Elvis, just a bunch of guys out there having a laugh, with good music to boot, sort of, not really, but sort of like Tenacious D(forgive me, but i is sort of the same)
Sort of also reminds me of The classics like Dead Milkmen, and They might be Giants as far as the humor goes as well.
Thread: Making God Smile In CCM Magazine

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I wish 09-03-2002 13:21 Forum: General Discussion

They would release a live CD of Mike playing with Bill Malonee & Freinds @ Lifefest. There were some smokin Classic rock covers there that would make a cool special collectors deal!
That would be cool
Thread: An Eclectic List

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hmmm 09-03-2002 13:18 Forum: General Discussion

I have a lot of different stuff on my itunes at work.
just a few

Jesus Christ Superstar
Adam Again
indigo girls
Twisted Sister
Sex Pistols
Bella Fleck
Black Sabbath
The Greatfull dead
Bob Dylan
Chet Atkins
Frank Zappa
Glass Harp
The Stoodges
Iris Demente

I think you ge a picture that I'm sort of eclectic
Thread: Dämb It ∞ Fan Disc

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Did mine arrive 09-03-2002 13:10 Forum: General Discussion

Hey BD-
Just curious if my CD arrived yet in the mail to you? I wasn't sure how long it would take.
I'm feeling a bit daunted by the sound of people going into actual studios and stuff for this. Mine are no where near that kind of quality??@#&%!@#%^!#
Oh well,
Thread: Wilco

Replies: 82
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IT'S ALL GOOD 08-27-2002 15:00 Forum: General Discussion

In my oppinion they are all good. Here's my favs in top 5 fashion
1)Summer Teeth
2)Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
3) AM
4)Being There

They also have those Woody Guthrie Tribute types with Billy Bragg that are just incredible
they are called Mermaid Ave vol 1 & 2
They are up there with my top 10 bands at this moment
Thread: Wilco

Replies: 82
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At first 08-26-2002 14:49 Forum: General Discussion

I thought Yankee was a let down after Summer Teethm which is amazing, but lately I've been listening to it a lot and realize it is also amazing. I likes all of their stuff, Jeff Tweedy soundtrack? is that from the movie that's out now? Just curious. I'll have to get it if it is a new thing. BTW has anyone seen I Am Trying to Break Your Heart yet. It's coming to Madison on Sept. 20th. I am going to go see it. It's going to be in a nice old fashioned movie house so it should be very cool.
PS Thanks Dr. for turning me on to Wilco!
Thread: DA fans ages

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age 08-26-2002 14:41 Forum: General Discussion

I'm 30, going on 12....
Thread: Fall In Love All Over Again

Replies: 7
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I go through that 08-23-2002 18:17 Forum: General Discussion

I can take a break from one and turn to another and them bamm the stuff just hits me like a pan galactic gargle blaster all over again. too cool. Terry is freakin brilliant. but that's why we are all here.
Thread: \"Sanctuary\"

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that's it 08-23-2002 18:15 Forum: General Discussion

Welcome, and that's the whole point I think! That Terry can jump from country to pop to new wave to oddball alt stuff and always come across as genuine. That's just beautiful. The fitst DA I ever heard was VH, I was on a youth trip and the one skate punk kid in the group had it and played loudly over and over again. especially Dance Stop! To this day that tune just gets me going.
Thread: A DA freak?

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well 08-23-2002 18:10 Forum: General Discussion

isn't that a halmark moment
Thread: o mi gosh! o mi gosh!

Replies: 17
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be careful 08-23-2002 18:09 Forum: General Discussion

lest ye make your brother stumble
Smile -
Thread: Hey Joey Tee!

Replies: 27
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Better Woggy 08-23-2002 18:06 Forum: General Discussion

I'd rather Woggy be a queen instead of me if'n ya know what I mean...Wink
not that I'm trying to knock oh hell I'll just leave it go at that
although I do kinda like the feel of silk boxers....
Thread: Hey Carl Spacone!

Replies: 37
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I go to church 08-23-2002 18:03 Forum: General Discussion

but I try not to take anything too seriously except when the SPIRIT speaks to me! can i get an AMEN!!!!
Go to church but screw the people, it's always a people problem. Us humans are really stupid generally.
except for me of course....NOT!
Thread: Disc 2

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way out 08-23-2002 17:58 Forum: General Discussion

hep cat! I like the story of WEWH better as well, but I apreciate AC story as well. I've just really been enjoying this whole book set. The production is very odd, on the original, but I almost like the second CD as well as the first. It's got a Tom Waits meets lounge lizard vibe to it. I especially dig the speaking type tunes, very Beat indeed....
Thread: which one is "weird?"

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They all are 08-23-2002 17:53 Forum: General Discussion

Hey Doc-
I've always thought that DG was the most strange, but put in context of the time period, it really fits as well as VH, maybe not as accessable as VH, but still right there. AS far as Alarma, that's always gonna be in my top 5. That one is the most like Talking Heads out of any DA albums, although Outdoor Elvis has some very Heads like tunes too. I just love Alarma! Actually the title track is the only really straight up rocker on it. the rest are pretty out there.
Thread: DAmb Fan Disc Update

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YEA STRANGE INDEED 08-23-2002 17:49 Forum: General Discussion

They are VERY lo fi, all I record on is a four track, and I'm no engineer, but if anyone wants a copy let me know, private message me or something. I can swing it. Don't expect much and you won't be dissapointedWink
Woggy, wouldn't you like to know about Felton Rubberpants, that is one of my more excentric alter egos. There are about 4 or so hanging out in my little brain, it gets crowded sometimes, but it's cozy...
Go to mp3.com and do a search for that name and you can get a taste of what he's like. Oh and dig the picture of me there!
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