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Thread: DA ~ Dig Here Said The Angel (2013)

Replies: 500
Views: 482,513
03-25-2013 18:02 Forum: Upcoming Releases

Very cool....
Thread: DA ~ Dig Here Said The Angel (2013)

Replies: 500
Views: 482,513
NoiseTrade 02-20-2013 19:07 Forum: Upcoming Releases

Noisetrade http://www.noisetrade.com/ is a great way to introduce or re-introduce an artist and new music. Just seeing a few new songs posted from an artist I like or may have heard of, piques my interest and sends me off investigating as to the new album, etc.

Also, offering a few songs for download gives you some contact information for each person who downloads and gives them the chance to donate to the artist.
Thread: Live Bootleg '82: What was I thinking?

Replies: 23
Views: 35,916
12-10-2009 13:43 Forum: General Discussion

Thanks for all the work you put into LD, Terry, Mike, etc. Otherwise we would have very little access to such great music and talent!
Thread: Lost Dogs - We Like to Have Christmas

Replies: 14
Views: 30,601
Lost Dogs - We Like to Have Christmas 12-10-2007 17:35 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

Has anyone been able to listen to this yet? Highlights?


I am planning on buying as soon as the budget allows (after we have bought a bunch of christmas presents).
Thread: Ultimate Horrendous Disc Update?

Replies: 359
Views: 303,561
10-12-2007 18:06 Forum: General Discussion

Will Terry and the guys get a share of the profits I hope?

It would be a crime to not to!
Thread: Lost Dogs, Knott, and 5 O'clock people

Replies: 7
Views: 6,519
06-18-2007 15:19 Forum: General Discussion

Thanks for the review!!

Mike Knott is a bit of a trip, but usually very entertaining.

I get tongue-tied around the dogs too, I have talked to all of them briefly but usually get too flustered to say anything intelligent.
Thread: Lost Dogs, Knott, and 5 O'clock people

Replies: 7
Views: 6,519
Lost Dogs, Knott, and 5 O'clock people 06-11-2007 15:44 Forum: General Discussion

Did any one go to this concert? How was it?


I saw Knott open for the 5 o'clock people several years ago. It was at a small christian college and at the end of his set/beginning of the peoples set they did 2-3 songs together....Very cool with tons of energy

Wondering if the Dogs did anything similiar....??
Thread: Happy Birthday Bob Dylan and Terry Taylor!

Replies: 37
Views: 50,768
05-25-2007 11:11 Forum: General Discussion

Happy Birthday Terry!

Thanks for the music!
Thread: An Open Letter To All Swirling Eddies Fans

Replies: 100
Views: 129,939
02-08-2007 10:56 Forum: General Discussion

My poor Outdoor Elvis cassette is shot.

What would it take to get OE back in print? Or the first eddies disc?

Those were the albums that first tuned me in to Terry and his amazing work.
Thread: Catscratch for Breakfast

Replies: 57
Views: 43,149
01-23-2007 17:18 Forum: General Discussion

Is a third season planned for Catscratch?
Thread: Horrendous Disc Re-release

Replies: 74
Views: 49,112
12-05-2006 14:23 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by dennis
Originally posted by Mountain Fan

It is doubtful I would buy Doppelganger, Vox Humana, or Fearful Symmetry re-releases. Frown

I would buy those.

Me too! Like I mentioned before. My collection is a mish-mash of Vinyl, worn-out cassetes, and old CD's. While I have the "best of" CD, it would be great to have all the albums re-released esp. with bonus features/songs, etc!
Thread: Daniel Amos Discography

Replies: 70
Views: 47,151
11-29-2006 16:50 Forum: General Discussion

I'm a newbie to posting but I have been following DA, the 77's, The Lost Dogs, etc. for the last 10 years.

I finally registered for the board after reading as a ghost for the last few years.

My two cents:

All of my older DA stuff is on vinyl or worn out cassetes. I would love to see all of this stuff re-released after it has been re-mastered.

Sure you can buy a copy of Vox Humana or other OOP CD on E-bay that was mastered in the 80's or 90's, but I would much rather have a re-issue, especially if there are extras! Big Grin
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