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Thread: Terry Scott Taylor - Swine Before Pearl, vol 1

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Orders Made! 11-17-2010 01:40 Forum: Upcoming Releases

I just put in two personalized orders, one for me and one for my daughter! This will be so much fun! I hope the songs are at least 30 seconds long and I sure wouldn't complain if they're a couple of minutes long! I used to say that I was in a song ("Medley Of Our Hit") cause I was one of "Big Dork and his buddies" but now I'll be able to say that my FAVORITE songwriter wrote a song personally about/for me! WOW! Great idea, Terry! I know my daughter will love it too!

I didn't even tell my wife! Luckily, I think she'd understand and agree 'cause we can spare the $ right now, and she knows how much Terry, DA, Swirling Eddies, and Lost Dogs mean to me; God has used them greatly in my life.

It's been a very long time since I've posted here, so, "Hello!" to the few that I've had some sort of private/personal contact with in the past and then also to all posters.
Thread: lost dogs in pasadena, ca.

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10-05-2006 21:01 Forum: General Discussion

It's been a VERY long time since I've posted here; was VERY surprised to see my account still active! Wow!

Now, I could just shoot myself because I've also not checked out danielamos.com for a long time and when I did yesterday, I found out that there were Lost Dogs concerts near enough to me that I could have attended - and they had just ended the day before. Somebody Stamp Me!!
With a big spiked boot!

Oh well, guess I'll just wait another unbelievably long time for another opportunity... keeping an eye on the board. (But, a watched pot never boils!!!)

It would have been nice to meet wes berlin, etc.

Buffalo'd again...

Hopefully I'll be able to spend some more time here soon...
Thread: Dr. Ed Deux

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Dr. Ed Deux 03-20-2003 01:22 Forum: General Discussion

Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor Prickly Heat Radio Players

Are we still waiting for this? Or was I supposed to have received mine by now? (Sorry, I've been away from the board for awhile...) I need a new fix!!!
Thread: DAmb Buffalo's Back!

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New PC runnin\' 03-20-2003 01:10 Forum: General Discussion

Hello again to all.

My new PC is now running and connected. I've yet to try out all the features but so far I'm lovin' it.

Concerning my processor running hot: Techs redid the CPU cooler/fan and tidied up the wiring for better air flow but it didn't improve enough (they found the processor and motherboard to be OK) so I got a new case with better ventilation and round cables (for better air flow) and it seems to have helped a bit. (I'm 'burnin' it in' right now.) All this fan noise may well make me go deaf, though! Actually, it's not too bad compared to some systems I've heard. And, if worse comes to worse, I can install a water cooling system and reduce the need for fans! Confused Water inside my PC. Confused

BD: I could play them DVD's now, if I only had them!
Thread: DAmb Buffalo's Back!

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DAmb Buffalo's Back! 03-14-2003 02:25 Forum: General Discussion

Just a quick note to say I'm still around. I haven't been able to get to the DAmb for awhile, my cable modem service took a hit. Turns out COX changed to higher frequencies (without my prior written permission!) and the cabling in this apartment building I live in is OLD and outdated (that's not redundant, I say) and had too much signal loss by the time it reaches my apartment. The cable-guy went beyond the normally allowed measures and replaced a long run of cable in the attic and greatly improved my signal so now I'm back!

BD: My new computer system is almost complete. It's build was delayed/slowed by my the cable-modem problem as I was using a web site as a guide for putting the system together. I had the store where I purchased the Motherboard, Processor, and memory install the Processor and memory on the Motherboard, but other than that, I've done all the work from selecting the components to installing them. Here's the main features:

Motherboard: MSI GNB Max-FISR (Granite Bay Chipset - Dual Channel DDR memory system for memory bandwidth - built in 10/100 Ethernet, Firewire, USB, SATA Hard Drive interface...) ( FAST!!!)
Processor: Pentium 4 3.06 GHz ( FAST!!!)
Memory: 1Gig
Drives: 160GB HD
CD Burner
DVD Burner
Zip 750
Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum w/6.1 Surround (7 speaker system: Left, Center, and Right for both front and rear, and a sub-woofer.)
Video Card: ATI All-in-Wonder 9700 Pro (Outstanding 3D and performance plus view and record TV on Computer)
Of course: Keyboard, mouse, printer, and internet router (both new and old computers will be 'networked' and able to access the internet through my cable-modem!)

Problem is, the processor has been running HOT through all the installation of the WindowsXP and Drivers and accompanying software (so hot that the system protection has been shutting the computer down to prevent meltdown.) I took the system to the dealer today. He figures it's a bad processor or motherboard and will be swapping and replacing so I should be lovin' my PC in a day or two.

DAmb that Negative Fruit: Dolphin wants to do 'Built For Glory' so put that one on the list. I'm thinkin' about 'Startin' Monday' but others are possibilities too, so, don't commit me yet, even though we both know I should have been committed years ago.

ALL: Only had a short time to scan some of the threads but it felt like seeing old friends while reading Woggy, Wes, BD, Baxter, more, more, more...
Thread: DAMB IT II - The Sequel

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Vote emailed 02-19-2003 03:46 Forum: General Discussion

Thread: DAMB IT II - The Sequel

Replies: 182
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Title-list! 02-19-2003 03:35 Forum: General Discussion

Scrimshaw Nick Rocks! Thanks for the compilation.

I'm workin' on my vote and will e-mail it after I write this note.

If the collection allows any DA related song, I think a general name is best. (DAmbiel Amiss and DAmb Points Weak Points among others, would qualify.)

Whereas a name like BibleDAmb would be great if we did a CD that was only Bibleland songs.

Or, The DAmb Chronicles would be great for a disc that allowed only songs from the Alarma Chronicles.

In fact, I say that's what we oughta do, go through the whole collection, album by album, starting with the first release, Daniel Amos, and call it DAmbiel Amiss.
Next would be Shotgun Angel, hmmm, Shotgun DAmbgel (read Shot gun DAmb Gel.)
Then Horrendous DAmb
then DAmbarma (DAmb Arm Uh!) (ADAmba is in the list)
then DoubleDAmber
then Vox DAmbana
then Fearful DAmbitry
then... !!!

If we did this for only DA releases, at one, or two per year, how long would it take us to finish? What if we included Swirling Eddies and/or Lost Dogs and/or TST???
Thread: Where did you get the music?

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Dorfsmith: 02-19-2003 03:00 Forum: General Discussion

To figure out a song, I first look for guitar tab (like on the B+ site) or sheet music, as a starting point. If it's not available, or to improve upon what was available, I pick it out by ear, playing the song over and over while playing guitar (or a keyboard) along with it until I figure out some of the details.

One recent addition to my software has helped as well. I purchased (from CompUSA.com) Guitar Tracks 2.0 by Cakewalk Software. It is a recording program designed for use by guitar players. One fantastic feature it includes is called "Slow Blast." This tool lets you record part of a song (from a CD or .wav file) and slow it down WITHOUT changing its pitch. You can then play that slowed down section over and over while playing along using your ear to pick out the notes, chords, whatever. (You might be able to purchase "Slow Blast" by itself; search the internet for "Slow Blast.") I had tried figuring out the intro to Randy Stonehill's "Christmas Song For All Year 'Round" many times but was never successful. Using "Slow Blast", I figured it out in about 20 to 30 minutes by having it play the intro over and over at about half speed and using our electronic keyboard to (by ear) figure out what guitar notes were being played.

Another idea I haven't employed yet is to record a song from a CD into a .wav file (I use Creative Labs' "Wave Studio" that came with my computer's sound card) and then use that software's ability to play a highlighted section of the song over and over. For example, if I could tell that one measure (or small section) of the song was basically one chord, I could highlight that portion of the song, have the software loop it during playback, and then play different chords on my guitar or keyboard till I found the one that seemed best. Or, I could play individual notes, noting which ones were in tune with the section, and then determine chord possibilities based on those notes.

One could even get down to the single note level in this manner: If there was a lead guitar part I wanted to figure out I could highlight the section containing just the first note, then using a guitar or keyboard, play with it until I found the correct note. Make a note of what note that is, highlight the next note in the song's lead part and figure it out, add it to the note(s) previously figured out, lather, rinse, repeat, until I've got all the notes figured out, then practice until I can play the lead part decently.


I have another tool at my disposal, my wife. A long-time piano player, she has a good ear for pitch, especially piano pieces. If I'm having trouble with some part of a song I'll ask her to help. She's usually able to get something that sounds about right after a little bit. Or, at least get me looking in the right direction...

Now, a practical example:

For "In The Calling" (DAmb it disc 1) I put the song on repeat on the CD player and I just strummed my guitar, matching by ear the chords as closely as I could. This took a number of repeats of the song to get most of the chords and chord changes. I got some help from my wife ("What sounds better, this or this?") and went back through it some more. This gave me the basic chords. I wrote out the lyrics and put the chords above them. Then, for a part for Melody ("Dolpin") to play on the keyboard, I used the keyboard to figure out the melody line; sometimes with the song playing, sometimes not. This was only two phrases of a verse's melody; all that Melody plays on the recording. I decided to see if I could incorporate the melody into my guitar chord strumming (thinking of the Beatles' "Here Comes The Sun" which I had learned while in high school.) I tried a couple of capo positions until I found that playing the song capo'd at the 5th fret and using chords in the key of G (makes the actual key played to be C) was the best way that I could include the melody line in my strumming. I then used the guitar set up like this to figure out the rest of the melody for the verses and chorus and incorporate them into the chord strumming. I added a couple of hammer-ons during my strumming and one little riff at the end of the chorus and that was that.

Since I'm quite an amateur in my musical abilities it takes some work but it's very rewarding in the end. Hope this gives you some ideas of how you can put something together...
Thread: COAH Christmas CD

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Faire? 02-12-2003 02:57 Forum: General Discussion

"... The Future Fair! The fair for everybody, and no fair to anyone..."

(Not sure that the quote is exact, but, anyone know what it's from?)
Thread: DAMB IT II - The Sequel

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My vote 02-12-2003 02:51 Forum: General Discussion

OK, I like

DAmb-y'all Amos!!!

but probably closer to the mark is

DAmbiel Amiss

so it gets my vote, at least for now...

Thank you everyone for all the laughs, my tummy and cheeks be hurtin'!
Thread: COAH Christmas CD

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BYOL 02-12-2003 02:30 Forum: General Discussion

Bring Your Own Limo.

Bax: You (and any and all other DAmb people) can attend the event, if it happens. I'm still working out the program for presentation to the appropriate people. If it gets approved in some form it will be a LOT of work for me being the novice/amatuer that I am. I will be relying on those more gifted at church for lots of help, but, that's why I'm starting so early, to have the time to work it out, practice, polish, then present. (I go way overboard with stuff like this (like all the materials I provide those who are going to help perform such as printed music, store-bought copies of the CD(s), etc.) in order to do the best we can desiring to honor God with a clear message.)

But it's still BYOL.
Thread: DAmb it Reviews

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Spare Me! 02-12-2003 02:17 Forum: General Discussion

Bowling Pin: I edited and corrected my spelling in the original post; still excellent lyrics and humor and creativity on your part!
Thread: COAH Christmas CD

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COAH Christmas CD 02-07-2003 03:00 Forum: General Discussion

So how many of you purchased the City On A Hill "It's Christmas Time" CD and what do you think?

I've listened to it (and TST's "Songs For The Day After Christmas") almost every day since I got them (before Christmas) and am not tired of them at all. If you averaged it out, I've probably listened to them the equivalent of two to three times per day (I put 'em on repeat.) How can I have heard them that much and not be tired of them yet? Well, I'm planning out a Christmas Concert kind-a thing for our Church to do next Christmas and it's all these songs that are the top contenders for inclusion (plus a couple of Randy Stonehill Christmas tunes.) I'm gonna burn a CD with my final program plan and present it to the powers that be at church and hopefully be able to, with other musicians and singers from Church, put on this night of Christmas songs for the other Church members. (I'm also planning for some of the songs to be acted out (like "Plastic Baby Jesus") or have a mini-drama set around the song.) (And, of course I'm listening while I'm working so I'm not always directly concentrating on the music...)

"It's Christmas Time", IMHO, is the best Christmas CD ever. Terry's is 2nd only because it's too short; if he had 5 more songs on there that were as good as the 5 that are there, his would be #1 and COAH-ICT would be #2.
Thread: DAmb it Reviews

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Quiet Buffalo? 02-07-2003 02:31 Forum: General Discussion

Jiminy: Is it possible for a Buffalo to be quiet? Well, the problem here is time to get on the board. You may notice from the times of my postings that they are almost always late at night. (Actually, you would need to subtract one or two hours from the posted times to equal my PST time zone...) They are late at night because that's when I can sit at my computer. I can't access the board from work (accessing the board must be what some of you mega-posters do for work); I wouldn't have time to anyway. Regular daily routine and/or kids on the computer for homework prevent me from getting on at home in the evenings for most weekdays and the weekend is usually a crunch between making up for the bass practicing I didn't do all week and have to (and want to) be ready for Sunday morning and getting Doe, my first-born daughter some driving practice time, and..... Something that may help, I've purchased most the stuff I need to put together my next computer. I have everything (Sound/Video Cards, DVD-R/CD-R/HD Drives, Case, Power Supply, Etc.) except the Motherboard, CPU, and memory. I will have them in a few days, I hope, and then we'll be a two computer family. And I'm gonna hog the new one!
My line of work doesn't involve writing in any real way. I build infrared detectors/imagers that, for the most part, are used in military applications but some civilian applications also. Been doin' this for about 4 years. I'd rather be doin' what I was doin' for the previous 15 years - makin' Hard Drive recording heads. The company I worked for (Applied Magnetics) couldn't keep up with the technology and ended up dying a year after I was laid off. There aren't any other HD recording head manufactures near enough so I had to change industries. It's been a step back in a few ways, but, hey, I'm still living in paradise! However, I do put a bit of effort into trying to communicate clearly; I just need a lot of work to start making it concise; especially in verbal communication; how many semi-colons are allowed in one sentence? Actually, I should start attending that group for those who talk too much, let me see, I think they're called On-and-On Anon!

BD: Notice the stuff about the computer in the last half of the first paragraph above.

Woggy: I call's 'em as I hear's 'em! Have you seen Brainstorm? (I'll be terribly embarrassed if you have, or if you see it sometime soon...)

All DAmb submitters: Thanks again for participating; this has been like getting MBD for me, it's a wonderful package and contents!

DAmb It 2: I'm with BD, let's do another, but, not until Summer or so... Songs could be collected from now until then, and, when the time's about right, a deadline for submissions could be made, and something similar to #1's process would kick in...
Thread: DAmb it Reviews

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MORE DAMBit Review 02-05-2003 03:51 Forum: General Discussion

OK now, finally, my review of MORE! dämb it, disc two of the DAMB FAN ALBUM!

1] the Tuxedo Clad Megastar – Bowling Pin:
Excellent tie-in to the message board in changing the lyrics of the Eddies’ “Billy Graham.” Sounds like it was recorded in one take on a cassette; love that hiss/noise. “Pretentious aural goo like months-old SPAM”!! If the recording quality was better it’d fit in just fine on a Lost Dogs CD. Since I love playing with lyrics I give this’n a big thumbs up for Bowling Pin’s strike in creating such fine lyrics (seriously!).

2] Unattainable Earth – wes berlin:
Recall all the accolades I had for wes’s contributions to the first disc? Well, what’s up with this tink tink tinkle tink harpsichord for this song?! Whoah, back to the super execution on the chorus; full band, confident vocals. Oh, I get it, point, counterpoint (or something like that) and a little nod to the pretentious poetry readings thrown in as well. I like it best when the harpsichord joins the full band. OK, you won me over, all in all a good concept and execution.

3] She’s All Heart – Jerry Chapman:
I LOVE the intro! The acoustic guitar tone is ‘fine’, electric guitar (bass?) evoking the tone of the original, and the mandolin(?) on the left sparkles; close your eyes, you might see it! I don’t know why but the vocals sound British to me and are very good to excellent. Good recording, mix and arrangement make for satisfying listen. I like it!

4] A Certain Love – Dw. Dunphy:
I would hope to sound this good sharing this song with friends in my living room but I’d fall a bit short I fear. Mostly one guitar strumming (additional guitars come in near the end, and, yes, I hear that acoustic lead in the intro, barely) and now I’m starting to regret my comments in the first disc’s review concerning one guitar strumming because the alternate tuning adding range and the execution and rhythms provided here provide a full experience. However, I wonder how many strings Dw. broke in practicing the pounding ending! Is there anything left of the pick guard on that guitar? Although one could pick at a couple of points in the vocals, I couldn’t because I could not get near this in my attempts to sing this song. Dw., is that you overlaid, or other voices with you? When I close my eyes, I’m in a coffee shop (smells good) with Dw. and patrons perfoming this song. I award extra points to songs that can send me on a little trip like that.

5] Travelog – Contemptible Dreamers – Dr. Rich and Lucy:
Better recording quality would have helped this one. However, the vocals remind me of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” – that’s good. Takes a song that always gave me a mental image of a living room and puts the setting in a spaceship, and I’m not sure why unless it’s the Bowie connection. Also gives a more dark feeling than the original creating more of a warning to the dangers present in the travelog itself.

6] New Car – Woggy & JiMiNY:
Here we are back in the studio buried somewhere where the earth makes the walls buzz and hiss to the detriment of the recording’s quality. However, we get a nice acoustic guitar & harmonica blues styling of this song. And another sweet serving of Woggy’s vocal abilities. (Excuse me here, but I get weak in the knees when I hear the “uh, huh!” after, “Mag wheels and tinted glass.” I’d better not loop that or I’ll end up like that guy in the movie, “Brainstorm”; pretty much a quivering vegetable.) If this was redone with clean recording it would be one of my favorites on the disc.

7] Tico The Talking Trumpet – jamespop:
Either Tico’s too loud, or jamespop is too timid! Cute twist on “CoCo” with the message board the Tuxedo Clad Megastar tie-in. If I listen to Tico carefully, I start laughing! I would guess that to be the desired response. Quite an appropriate inclusion in this collection.

8] If You Loved Here, You’d Be Home By Now – Jim Muglia:
Somewhat forces this song into acoustic/electric blues but the vocal delivery on some lines adds more depth to the bite of the lyrics (ex. “…the pain you must feel…”). More angry and spiteful than the original.

9] Sprinklerhead – Bubba Death Machine:
Sprinklerhead unplugged. And no recording tricks to get the amazing vocal. Does that guy have anything left of his vocal chords?! Shredded! Amazing energy pours out of this recording.

10] Hey John Wayne – Casual Cruelty:
Straight ahead rockin’ 3-piece band. Would be right at home on the park stage in nearby Isla Vista (the community adjoining the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara) and I could hear it from home (a mile or two away.) My favorite part of this recording is the drums; rock steady and almost out of control in the same song. Vocals are good. Rock on, guys!

11] Outdoor Elvis – Fluid Imbibers:
You guys got a CD? I want one. This version of “Outdoor Elvis” is so entertaining! The distorted guitar, the comical-sounding instruments, the “Bring him back” section of the song with the strings. Great vocals, mixing, instrumentation, and overall concept and execution.

12] (The First) Noel(le) – D.M.L.:
What a creative idea. Sound clips from “Noelle” and the lyrics from “The First Noel” combined together to make what’s probably the best ever version of “The First Noel.” Do I recognize that female vocalist? I can’t listen to “Noelle” now without adding “Born is the King of Israel.” All the vocals are great.

13] Darn Floor – Big Bite – Dr. Rich & Uncle Ralph:
The first time I listened to this, it took me a long time to figure out what song it was. Kazoos in harmony. Distorted kazoos, is that an oxymoron? There’s some words in there, I just can’t make ‘em out yet. I keep expecting “Mom” to come in and say “Stop That!” (in the recording.)

14] The Shape Of Air – jamespop:
If you told me, “Come listen to “The Shape Of Air” played on a single wind instrument”, I’d tell you I’d rather be a contestant on a “Gross-out” Fear Factor that completes all the stunts the hard way and loses, but, I’d be wrong. I don’t know how this can be so pretty, it just is.

15] (What’s Come) Over Me – Shemp:
Musak for I don’t know what generation. The main melody line instrument grates on you after awhile but then again I know how difficult it can be to get the sound you want in a recording such as this. Most of the other elements I like. Congratulations on your perserverence to get this song done (I’m making assumptions about how it was done and know it’s time consuming.)

16] Faces To The Window – Buffalo & Egret:
Well, it’s me (and the wifey) here, so, just info. This is definitely a headphone mix, at least for the last (swing) style. I just listened to it and enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Wish I could play all those instruments like that, but, isn’t it great what musical technological toys can do nowadays?

17] Wacky Fan Letter – Mark:
A reading of the wacky fan letter filled with DA clips. This collection would probably be incomplete without it (since we’re all wacky fans.)

18 & 19] God Went Bowling MPEGs – carl (Carl Simmons):
A terrific bonus. Very nice drawings illustrating the song, “God Went Bowling.”
Thread: Mike G &the G Spots?

Replies: 132
Views: 68,940
01-22-2003 21:01 Forum: General Discussion

As my daughters often say, "I don't know!"

I'm (I guess We're all) still waiting for the new Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor...
Thread: DAmb it Reviews

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DAmb it Reviews 01-22-2003 20:49 Forum: General Discussion

Well, I promised this some number of days ago. What can I say? - the best laid plans of mice and me… Anyway, here is my review of the first disc of the awesome DAMB FAN ALBUM, DAmb it.

1] Strange Days – Dw. Dunphy:
The piano starts and I think, “How dorky.” Vocal sounds good, though. Then the orchestration begins and it’s becoming cool. Then the piano hits me as “Lennonesque.” The ending’s softly wailing lead and thundering percussion seals it – this is a fantastic rendition, simultaneously haunting and beautiful, causing one to consider the words in a new, more solemn way.

2] God Went Bowling – carl (Simmons):
Pretty darn good for one strumming guitar with vocal. (I’ve come to generally dislike one guitar strumming so this is actually a darn good compliment.) I’m envious of the vocal quality. (Superb video on the second disc.)

3] Happily Married Man – Rev. J.T. Tucker, III and Aunt Betty:
How loose are the strings on those instruments? Tell that lady in my left ear to shut her pie-hole! Harmonies and percussion included - a good thing. Sounds like it was an impromptu performance in a bar with the patron(s) providing the extra vocal and instrumental effort(s). Ah, the family that plays together… causes the bar to close. Rev. is stretching his vocal range, or trying to. In spite of, or because of, all that, it’s great fun to listen to.

4] In The Calling – Buffalo & Dolphin:
Well, this is my little one and me so, what to say? Best one guitar strumming (see above) I’ve done in a long time and probably the only time I’ve successfully combined the melody into the strumming. If you were to see the video that this audio was pulled from you’d see Dolphin showing off for the camera with little dance moves and “I’m so cool” moves that took some quality away from her vocal. Our best rendition was in the actual performance at our church but there was a lot of audience scuffing, coughing, and other noise so that that recording was not usable for this purpose. In all, we’re pleased, and grabbing the audio from this practice video meant we could include the pre- and post- sound bites. Thank you to all who have made complimentary statements of our version of this beautiful song. (If you haven’t heard the original, you’ve got to – Tim Chandler’s bass work on it is AWESOME!)

5] Red, White And Blue – wes berlin:
Oh no – more single-guitar strumming! Wait, lead guitar and more vocalists. (Even sounds like a Lost Dog in there.) Wow! A full band!! They’re rockin’!! Decent recording quality. Very good execution of one of my faves. I’ll listen to this again.

6] I Love You #19 – The Banos:
Did BD mislabel this one? This ain’t ILY#19. Wait, I recognize that riff now. “Bluesy.” Hmm, I never thought of this song in this style. Man, this is workin’. Slide guitar starts OK but gets a little monotonous (just like my experiments at playing slide, years ago.) But this slide ends much better than I could ever have done. I never would have thought this song to be anything other than a rocker, but, man, this is thoroughly enjoyable. Tasty!

7] The Unsuccessful Italian Missionary – jamespop:
Cross-culture rendition of the original (with added pertinent dialog.) Fun.

8] The Big Guns – JiMinY:
Ethereal, I think. Actually evokes images of a smoking nuclear aftermath just from the aural image it creates through the guitar (nice playing) and vocal - as though the last man standing recorded it (with a singing mutant cockroach doing background vocals.)

9] Fortunate Sons – Jonny Edwards & Wife:
Guitar and violin expertly creating the feel of the original – that certain tension of despair and grief. Jonny, turn down the vibrato knob on your vocal chords. (Actually, send me your excess vibrato, as I can’t get any going even with a gong implant!)

10] Darn Floor - Big Bite – wes berlin:
From the start I can tell this is going to be good. Adds a decadent darkness and persistent persistence to this great song that compels one to seek out a Hendrix recording even if one doesn’t care that much for Hendrix. For some reason I see it as appropriate for a song in a futuristic Sci-Fi movie for a segment in which there’s no dialog and the camera is following the leading male character through the decaying streets (with occasional spotlight beams crossing his path) on his search for (I don’t know what) while he’s slowly coming out of a drug-induced-like haze that was actually caused by memory-sensory overload. Excellent, wes.

11] Bibleland Suite – tm:
OK, so I don’t know how to make the “tm” correctly – sorry. OK, now… 3 Stooges intro with DA sample loop is quite creative. Funky groove. Expertly done all around, instruments, vocals, sound effects, mood. Where’s my drink with the umbrella? Do they have those in Bibleland? Expert mix with all the elements that are in there. Takes more than a half an hour just to hear it all. A very sweet suite.

12] The Wall Of Heaven – JiMinY CriCKet and Woggy:
I wish the recording quality were better on this one; some of the emotion/pain in this one doesn’t come through as it should. I’d like to hear this with less switching back and forth between vocalists (i.e. Woggy takin’ the choruses. Dolphin & I have considered doing this song that way.) Still, very enjoyable. Your voices go well together and Woggy shines in many places in this tune.

13] Angels Tuck You In – Theo:
OK, you’re a professional, but how can anyone actually improve another of my faves? Actually, I don’t think I can say improve, but definitely equal. I could not pick yours or DA’s version as more appealing to me. They are both GREAT! I can’t listen to yours just once; I have to repeat it before I move on! I love the overlaying vocals near the end and the “accordion” throughout. Excellent production, mix, and instrumentation.

14] Steal Away – brdhsnyrsoul:
What’s hidden in your name – what’s it saying – does it mean something or is it just meant to mess with my mind!?!?!? I can’t figure it out!! Anyway… Another Wow! Only a tremendously beautiful rendering of heart-stirring song. Perfect piano phrasing and arrangement. Also, perfection in the other instrument(s) mix enhancing the piano’s expression of lightly restrained joy and hope and love.

15] All That Remains – Jim (jwaltb) and Melody Butler:
Listening right now I just got tingles up the spine (a very good thing – indicates excellence) as soon as Melody started singing, and again with her first overlaid harmony, and again, and again… I’m assuming that Jim overlaid the instruments (guitars and bass) which could have been tighter but is probably better than I’d likely be able to do. The tone of the first guitar in the solo is perfect evoking such emotion that it can make one cry with joy. Ever been so happy you cry? – here it is.

16] Home Permanent – arcticsunburn:
I don’t really like using the adjective “tasty” when speaking of music but it fits here. Parts of the vocals sound like they were laid down when the singer(s) should have been laying down snoring. That distorted guitar is probably the cause of the arctic sunburn – it’s hot! I don’t know how to describe the sound and feel in general, but there’s a section that is definitely Jazzadelic or Psychajazzy, whichever you prefer. It instantly sends you on a trip through a Psychedelic Jazz-Fusion coffee house.

17] She’s A Hard Drink – Dr. Sticky:
Reminds me of Lost Dogs’ cover of “Little Red Riding Hood” in that is sounds like friends sitting around the living room and having fun with a tune. You just can’t go wrong with kazoos in harmony!? Listening to this is not as hard a drink as that Adam’s apple would be!

18] Babble On – Shemp:
A sampling tour-de-force! How can one take so many diverse samples and combine them to make such an entertaining piece. Includes most of your favorite sound bites that would not normally be considered the main course of any particular DA/TST/SE/LD album to serve up a yummy side dish. My favorite moment: “…I love, I love, I love, I love… my hand or my face!”

19] (40 seconds of silence):
Just as good as the similar tune recorded by John Denver oh so many years ago.

20] (Hidden) Bibleland Suite (reprise) – tm:
A welcome second serving of the ending (“Barbara Ann” style) of the Bibleland Suite.

I’ll review disc 2, MORE! DAmb it, sometime in the near future, or sometime after that, or earlier, perhaps.

(If someone knows of a pre-existing thread that this should have been in, let me know, I can repost there and then request that this thread be killed. Otherwise, please add your reviews to this thread.)

BD: Thanks for the return of the zips and the other item with them. Great letter you wrote for JT/Terry. Your words gave this father and his daughter another reason to hug each other - I treasure each opportunity to do that.
And, like others, I'm dreaming of DAmb it! 2!
Thread: Mike G &the G Spots?

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RA&H... 01-22-2003 20:17 Forum: General Discussion

Hamsters are Great! Hamsters are SWELL!

Every body needs a buddy like Goodie Bear!

It's just amazing how all the elements that ended up in "Klayman's Theme" (as on Imaginarium) are all right there in this demo version; all vocalized by Terry, wow!

11 tracks; 11 new 'likes.'
Thread: Avocado Club #2

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I like AC#2 01-22-2003 20:07 Forum: General Discussion

Yes, it's only two songs, but what wonderful songs!

"Simple Things" describes a relationship where the partners both accept their situation (apparently not well off) but not relunctantly, rather joyfully; finding that joy in the everyday simple things - the things that really matter.

"Every [Tues]Day Of The Week" is a gem. I listened to this song probably 10 times before realizing that the dad in it had passed away before the first verse. In other words, the majority of the song is not talking about the time when the dad was alive, but, rather, is telling of the past and how the daughter has been faithful to her promis to see him "early in the morning, every Tuesday of the week." And that her telling him all her plans and knowing that he understands and feeling lighter on her feet when she leaves are all talking about her visits to the gravesite, early in the morning, every Tuesday of the week. The lump is in the throat right now as I write this. This song allows me (father of two girls) to imagine what a beautiful relationship this father and daughter had before his passing and gives me the opportunity to reflect on and improve the relationships I have with my dauthers. What a beautiful gift in song, Terry, thank you.
Thread: Audiori

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SoCal, PLEASE! 01-15-2003 02:19 Forum: General Discussion

I vote for a DA/TST/SE/LD (w/Randy Stonehill, too!)
(pick any combination of the above) concert
please, oh please, please, please!

Actually, I was hoping to get to a Washington or Oregon
concert but couldn't manage it. So, of course I'd love for
them to perform closer to my humble abode, paradise!
(Oh, the price I pay to live here Crying .)
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