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Thread: DA ~ Doppelganger Deluxe Edition

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RE: DA ~ Doppelganger Deluxe Edition 09-18-2014 23:06 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

I just ordered! This is the 2nd of the Alarma Chronicles to go deluxe. I have the full box set, but the deluxe versions are cool for the extras, comments, and packaging. I look forward to more deluxe of anything from DA!
Thread: New Releases... 2004

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RE: New Releases... 2004 12-22-2003 03:30 Forum: General Discussion

- Jubal's Last Band Recordings (Live material and demos from
the pre-DA period)
- "Daniel Amos" reissue
- Previously mentioned "Horrendous Disc Sessions" collection
- The Making of Mr Buechner's Dream DVD
- The DA history compilation DVD (1970s-present day)
- DA at Cornerstone 2000 DVD (We still need some additional
footage from other cameras, folks...)
- Another book set of some kind... ???
- Imaginarium reissue... We want to do this in early '04 if
possible anyway..
- Mothman soundtrack.... also coming soon.. just waiting
on Doug to finish editing the film.

I can tell you that I would be interested in all of the above projects and I would buy all of the above projects. The new ones sound interesting and worthy, and the re-releases are items I don't have that would help further my collection. Please keep us posted...and I know you will! Thanks!
Thread: Did all Prickly Heat send?

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Prickly Track List 06-28-2003 02:05 Forum: General Discussion

I did notice that the track list was messed up. Seems like the last half of the songs don't match very well with what is printed on the inside of the booklet. I ripped the disc into my computer to have it easily availible and just thought I had messed it up somehow. Then I popped the CD back in and sampled the tracks and found them the same as what I had just listened to. Very strange...and that doesn't even cover the content! Great stuff. I was laughing hard at the Right Rev. and all that cutting of the cheese. Yes...
Thread: Did all Prickly Heat send?

Replies: 198
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I Caught The Prickly Heat! 06-26-2003 19:41 Forum: General Discussion

I caught my Prickly Heat today! Looks like they posted it on June 24th...very cool, very quick. I opened one and am gonna keep the other in the shrink wrap. I also got my 77's club disk #2 with it also.

Anyone know if the Prickly Heat is catching?
Thread: DAconomics

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DAconomics 05-17-2003 21:06 Forum: General Discussion

Very interesting thread here and many interesting ideas being put forth. Has anyone ever discussed setting up some things for the website to donate money by PayPal or any other "micropayment" methods? I think if someone did that and it was available, people could use that to donate even small amounts to the cause directly. Just an idea.
Showing posts 1 to 5 of 5 results

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