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Thread: DA Discography Thoughts

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06-07-2011 11:16 Forum: General Discussion


Who is singing on the Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim video? Is Shimarenda you? I shared the video on my Facebook page.
Thread: Upcoming Releases

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02-12-2009 22:42 Forum: Upcoming Releases

This is totally off topic, but I want to thank you Mr. Audiori J for the Robert Frost quote. I do a devotional for High School coaches and teachers on Thursday mornings and I used your Robert Frost signature quote as a discussion starter.

David Rogers
Thread: Molly is a Metaphor News

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Molly is a Metaphor News 02-11-2009 21:28 Forum: General Discussion

Molly Bee the inspiration for Terry's cat's name Molly Bee of "Molly is a Metaphor" fame has died.


That is, if my information is correct that he named the cat after her.
Thread: Daniel Amos - Darn Floor Big Bite 20th Anniversary

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Koko and Captain Kirk 11-25-2008 09:04 Forum: Upcoming Releases

Some of you might be interested in this Youtube clip by William Shatner as he apparently reads from his memoir recounting his encounter with Koko the gorilla who also inspired Darn Floor Big Bite.

I hope that Terry didn't have what happened to the Shat happen to him.

Thread: Startin' Monday

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01-19-2008 20:59 Forum: General Discussion

Several years back I preached a sermon titled "When Everyone Wore Hats"

The congregation was primarily made up of those of the WWII generation.

I'll need to explore my files to find what the sermon points were.

David Rogers
Showing posts 1 to 5 of 5 results

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