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Thread: Joanna's Lifest Photos

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07-25-2002 08:50 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by Zeke Luedtke
Thanks for sharing your pics, Joanna!

And I saw myself in one of them! I'm the guy with the short hair, goatee, and contact lenses. Big Grin

What picture is that?! I must have overlooked it.
Thread: Joanna's Lifest Photos

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Joanna's Lifest Photos 07-24-2002 18:41 Forum: General Discussion

Better late than never, right? Enjoy!
Thread: Dr. Rich get's to see the Eddies tonight!!!

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07-15-2002 18:05 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by Lucy
hey JoannaRuth
Your memory for the quotes is a world better than mine. Were the woman towards at the front with the pigtails, and the Lost Dogs Shirt? If so pleasure almost, but not really meeting you. I was in front during the Dogs, and actually very near where you were, if you were who I think you were...boy that was confusing even to me.

Yes that was me. I love a good quote (hence the "Off the Wall" section on my Lost Dogs site). I wish I had a good memory but I don't, really, so I always bring a notebook and take notes. (How nerdy!) I also love taking photos, so I took took about 60 photos at Lifest. But I can't post them until Friday because I ran out of money to get them developed. Narf!

Pleasure almost meeting you, too.
Thread: It's Time to Come Clean...

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Larry Norman vs the Stryper fans 07-15-2002 17:53 Forum: General Discussion

When I saw Larry at Cornerstone 2001, he was scheduled to play on the Main Stage right before Third Day, who were right before Stryper. I was standing in the midst of Stryper fans who'd been standing in the heat for several hours in order to stake out a good spot and were booing everyone else off the stage. When Larry got up, they were all saying, "Who is this geezer? Get him off the stage and bring on Stryper!" But as Larry sang, they began to quiet down. When he got off the stage, the guys around me were saying, "Who was that guy? He rocked!"

I had to agree with them.

(Joanna runs and hides, hoping the DA mob doesn't come after her...)
Thread: Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party

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Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party 07-15-2002 14:46 Forum: General Discussion

Driving home from Lifest, I felt inspired to write new lyrics for "Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party," primarily because I couldn't remember the originals. What do you think of them:

My name is Arthur Fhardy
I never go to parties
I just sit on my ar-ty
And let out a little fart-y

My name is Camarillo
I used to wear a Speedo
But everyone would flee-o
Guess I'll wear a tuxedo

My name is Spot
They all think I'm on pot
I try to say I'm not
But look how high I got

That's as far as I got. I thought they were pretty clever at 2:30 in the morning.
Thread: Dr. Rich get's to see the Eddies tonight!!!

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Visions of Eddies Swirling in My Head 07-15-2002 14:41 Forum: General Discussion

Here's my take on the events of the evening:

The lineup & their Swirling Eddie names for the night:
Terry Taylor (Camarillo Eddie)
Rob Watson (Arthur Fhardy)
Mike Roe (Spot)
Tim Chandler (Berger Roy Al)
Steve Hindalong (Hort Elvison)
Mike Stand (Windy Wagonmaster)

Terry said Derri Daugherty was raptured early, so he didn't show for the Lost Dogs set and we're all living in the tribulation now. If last night was an example of life in the tribulation, I don't think it's going to be all that bad. Attempting to wing it as a two-legged dog, Derri's presence was sorely missed. Mike Roe tried to sing the first verse of "Vegas Story." In his own words: "Out of respect for Gene, I'm going to sing his verse without knowing it. Out of respect for Derri, I'm going to mess it up." Enough said. While trying to play "Breathe Deep," Mike & Terry realized that they didn't know all the words to Derri's part so they had audience members come up and help them out. That was awesome.

LD quotes:
"If someone has a bullet, please shoot us." --Mike in an introduction to "Bullet Train"
"10 minutes? Is that a threat?" --Terry responding to the stage manager holding up the "10 minutes" sign

I was busy snapping pictures (as usual) and during the DA set realized, "What a minute, these are the same guys as the last set!" So I held off until "Mike Roe and the Trophy Wives" played.

Mike Roe used Bill Mallonee and the Trophy Wives (formerly known as Vigilantes of Love) as his back-up band. They only played a couple 77's songs ("Mercy Mercy" and "The Lust") and the rest of the time jammed to random R&B songs. It was groovy. Bill played harmonica. After the second song Steve Hindalong decided he wanted to be a Trophy Wife so he hopped on stage with a tambourine.

Windy Wagonmaster was rather excited to join the Swirling Eddies ("I'm an Eddie!"). He did a great job. All of them did. Camarillo got his second wind and seemed to enjoy himself much more than he had earlier in the day. Spot kept eating Dipping Dots during the set. That was pretty funny. And there was Arthur Fhardi's clog dance--I think that was my favorite part. It was all a lot of fun.

SE quotes:
"We're not rock stars, we're geniuses." --Camarillo Eddie
"We're people of earth--stupid, stupid, stupid." --Camarillo Eddie

For a last minute, slap-together concert, this was really good.

I'll probably post some photos next week. Stay tuned.
Thread: Terry's funniest lines

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Lyrics vs Lines 07-15-2002 14:24 Forum: General Discussion

Terry doesn't just write funny lyrics, but he says some great things off the cuff as well. Here are some of my favorites:

"I think sometimes people need a gentle pat on the shoulder, and some people need a kick in the butt. I think I tried to discern when my foot needed to come up and do its thing."

"I have been called everything from 'enigmatic' to 'weird.'"

"Oh, gee there's that bad moog synthesizer again."

"Bless your pea-pickin' heart."

"I rebuke you, Bro!"

"We're a three-legged dog, but we're still pretty good." (talking about the Lost Dogs)

"I happen to be the most important person in the band." (talking about the Lost Dogs)
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