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Thread: raised listening to DA...

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raised listening to DA... 05-12-2005 20:33 Forum: General Discussion

uh, this may seem to be a random post, but I just want to give a huge shoutout to DA and all of their fans. you guys are incredible. I've been listening to DA ever since I was a wee lil' one (specifically, Alarma! and Doppelganger), and I'm still hooked today. I recently got the Alarma bookset off of ebay, and I've had Mr. Buchener's Dream for quite some time... wow. this music is absolutely incredible.
also, if any of ya'll could visit my website, give me some feedback, etc... that'd be greatly appreciated. Right now I have an audience of about 9 people.
anyway. God bless! keep it going!
in Christ...
(currently listening to: 'Songs of the Heart')
Showing posts 1 to 1 of 1 results

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