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Lo-Fidelity presents, Mike Roe "Hard Times Come Again No More" tour 2009.

Everybody knows it's ugly out there, so why not join us as Mike plays songs that will share our collective blues while attempting to chase them away at the same time. No mean feat in these difficult days, but as we know, the Good Doctor always has plenty of good cheer and powerful medicine to help cure what ails us. Mike will be playing songs from the 77s' latest release "Holy Ghost Building" as well as the 'more miserable' and saddest songs he can find from his collective 77s/Lost Dogs/solo past. In addition, he will be previewing songs from his upcoming solo album that deal with our collective hard times from America's rocky economic past -- songs of mutual despair and hope culled from the great American blues/gospel/bluegrass masters of yesteryear.

Speaking of 'masters', with this tour Mike is offering pre-show "Master Classes" providing a unique opportunity to get inside his head and hear the stories behind the songs you all know and love. The Master Class concept is Mike’s response to years of requests from fans for personal input regarding songwriting and guitar playing. In order to gather information about what you, the fan, may want in the future from a master class session, this first of a series will not be a 'clinic' in the typical music store sense nor a formal 'class' featuring printed curricula. Mike says “This is my chance to share some knowledge and technique with my fans in a more intimate and informal setting than you would commonly experience from an artist in a music store or convention setting. During the Master Class sessions, my hope is to engage with the fans on a more personal level and share insight into some of the songs that have become favorites over the years. I think it’s a great opportunity for all of us to have a lot of fun learning what I thought I already knew!”

For the first time, fans will be able to hear the true (as opposed to rumored) stories about their favorite songs that will reveal how and why they were written. Then, they can witness up close the guitar parts that made them come alive, all in an effort to expose some of the mystery behind the playing, writing and composing process. Mike will also be happy to field questions regarding vocalizing, the business of music, recording techniques and much more.

“One feature of this concept that makes it unique will be the submission of specific questions and topics by the attendees beforehand so that I can gear each class session specifically to those that will actually be there. I am also expecting that a fair amount of the fun and goodwill present during these class sessions will spill over into the concert performance that evening. Those who attend the sessions will have the option to bring along their own acoustic guitars, and I will attempt to teach the group a medley of one of our 'hits' with the aim that if all goes well, the group could join me onstage for a final encore at the evening performance. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!” - Mike Roe

As a special bonus for paid "Master Class" attendees, Mike will offer a free CD of rare and unreleased tracks as a limited edition souvenir to mark the event. This special CD will only be available to those who attend the "Master Class" sessions!! Please note that there will be a separate fee to attend the "Master Class" session from the concert performance, and not all concerts will offer both. This decision will be left entirely to willing and able promoters.

Currently we are looking to fill dates from May 1, 2009 through May 15, 2009. Mike is looking to aim this tour at the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, east coast and southern states, however, any and all offers will be entertained. As always, Mike is available for private functions, weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs, birthday celebrations, bachelor & bachelorette parties, baby-sitting and marriage counseling, as well as personally recorded songs and messages for friends, enemies, and loved ones alike. (Email the good Doctor directly for info on personally recorded songs and messages at mike@77s.com)

For more tour info, performance & "Master Class" pricing, and available dates, please contact jeffrey k. at

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming solo re-release, and we hope to see you on the tour.

jeffrey k.
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Lovin'that masterclass idea. Genius. Of course I would expect no less from Mike Roe.
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