<Swine Before Pearl, Vol 1>

Swine 1

Swine Before Pearl,
Vol. 1

Terry Scott Taylor

2010 Stunt Records
Produced by Terry Scott Taylor and Tom Gulotta for Stunt Productions

Swine Before Pearls, Vol 1

1. Terry's Greeting
2. Outdoor Elvis (acoustic)
3. Your Long Year (acoustic)
4. The Industry Sings To Jessica Lange (acoustic)
5. Angels Must Smile Like That (acoustic)
6. You Got A Good One There (acoustic)
7. The Twist (acoustic)
8. I Need A Sign (acoustic)
9. Sanctuary (acoustic)
10. Calvary Road (acoustic)
11. Debi Comes Home
12. Ode To Oscar Wilde (acoustic)
13. Wind Chimes and Mr. Wind (acoustic demo)
14. Endless Summer (DA demo)
15. Suns Down In The West (Crime Horse demo)
16. The Rev and the Rabbi Meet The Fly
17. If You Want To (acoustic DA demo)
18. Hole In The World (DA demo)
19. Mr Flutter (radio spots & rough mix)
20. When The Sun Comes Out Again (acoustic Surfonic demo)
21. Little Oscar (a reading)
22. Let's Go Fishin' (Return To Neverhood rough mix)
23. Dr. E.D. Taylor's final pitch
24. Vincent's Revenge
25. (Some Editions Include Unique Personalized Songs)

All songs by Terry Scott Taylor - Shape of Air Music/BMI.
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.

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Recording Information

Recorded at Terry's place, November 28-29, 2010
Engineer: Tom Gulotta


Cover art and photo by Tom Gulotta
Layout by Eric Townsend
Back Cover Photo of Sarah Jones Townsend

Thanks to Steve and Leah Fox for being such gracious hosts and for the for the studio help.

Dedicated with love to all and deep, ongoing gratitude to Eric and Jason Townsend, Todd Ludahl, Ken and Michelle Van Egmond, Katy Haseldon, and to my dearest friend, Tom "G" Gulotta. Without you, my gracious friends, this project would not have been possible.


Vocals & Guitars : Terry Taylor

Special guest vocalists on "Ode to Oscar Wilde": Deborah Lynn Taylor and Tom Gulotta



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