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Posted by Captain Pedantic on 09-13-2013 at06:20:


I was listening today and even though I knew the correct lyric one lien kept coming through incorrectly to me.

Not "My New testament best" but I heard My intestinal best - I knew terry had had some Gall bladder problems but...?

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 06-06-2017 at07:27:


Originally posted by Jimmy Brown
It took me a while to get the time to listen to my advanced download, but now I've listened start to finish twice. It's a brilliant piece of soul surgery, and I love every song on it. If I'm limited to five, they would be (for now):

Jesus Wept (my favorite I think)
Love, Grace, and Mercy
Waking Up Under Water
The Uses of Adversity
The Sun Shines on Everyone

As always seems to be the case, this Daniel Amos album arrived at the just the right time for me. It has a lot to say about things I've been thinking about for the past year or more. I feel somehow less fragmented and better understood when I listen to it, even if only "here I am."

Having the album for a few years now, I notice that my very favorite song seems to change between "Jesus Wept" and "The Uses of Adversity." I'm sure it says something about me that they seem to both address a similar issue from different sides. I don't really have more adversity and disappointment that most other people, and my expectations weren't so lofty compared to everyone else of my generation, but they both hit that issue in my life and help me deal with it.

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