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Posted by ™ on 10-12-2002 at00:55:

  It's about th' music

it's about time, it's about space

(fill in th' blank)

Posted by ™ on 10-13-2002 at02:37:

  okay, let's change it to...

-put that post back where it came from or so help me!

Posted by ™ on 10-14-2002 at00:51:


okay, ignore my thread, fine...

but that means you'll never find out why I, ™, was kept from joining Daniel Amos way back when and more sinisterly....


Posted by baxter on 10-14-2002 at01:00:


Do tell! That Marty...
i never trust a man in a white jacket...
though i do make an exception for my psychiatrist; where would i be without my haldol...

Posted by ™ on 10-14-2002 at01:02:

  "I'm alergic to penacilin

and all them other wonder drugs"

(line from what movie and who said it)

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