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Thread: Terry's Patreon is boomin with greatness
Tyler Durden

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Terry's Patreon is boomin with greatness 02-14-2020 21:11 Forum: General Discussion

Terry's Patreon account and the music he is creating is what I was hoping that the Avocado Club would be back in 2002. I knew that the music would be creative and fun to listen to, and it is. The unexpected has been the commentary/liner notes he is writing for the songs that are being published as well as the podcast that he is doing with Andrew, his son. The podcasts are awesome and are delving into the history of the bands and music of Terry Scott Taylor.

If you haven't checked it out, I highly highly recommend joining.
Thread: Terry Taylor Kickstarter campaign
Tyler Durden

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Terry Taylor Kickstarter campaign 07-08-2019 14:13 Forum: General Discussion

Hello all. You probably already know, but thought I would promote Terry's new Kickstarter campaign for his new studio album.


I look forward to the double album. Let's make sure this goes at least double the goal amount.
Thread: Daniel Amos - Horrendous Disc Deluxe
Tyler Durden

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Clever $40,000 stretch goal 03-27-2017 23:34 Forum: Upcoming Releases

The new stretch goal is an EP with the infamous 78 rpm on one side. Instant classic. This project just keeps getting better.
Thread: Daniel Amos - Horrendous Disc Deluxe
Tyler Durden

Replies: 313
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Good to see stretch goals focused on quality box set 03-26-2017 13:37 Forum: Upcoming Releases

I am happy to see that the stretch money is going towards quality upgrades and a box set to keep the disks. I would rather see that than additional items added. The production team already has a book and five disks to remaster.
Thread: Terry's Inner Circle
Tyler Durden

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Terry's Inner Circle 03-24-2017 22:56 Forum: General Discussion

I thought that it was going to be all music, but he is doing a monthly reading of a book that he is writing. The first reading, "Little Oscar" is hilarious and well delivered. Great to hear the demos. They have an Avocado/Little Big vibe with an occasional John Wayne theme.

I highly encourage others to join. Hopefully, this exists longer than the Avocado club from years ago.
Thread: Daniel Amos - Horrendous Disc Deluxe
Tyler Durden

Replies: 313
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Any plans for more social media promotion? 03-23-2017 21:37 Forum: Upcoming Releases

I saw that Terry, in a rare email, promoted the Inner Circle project, but I have not seen him promote this project. Fans have posted to his Facebook wall, but little by the band. Will they do an 11th hour promotion? Usually other artists of that era do some shout outs, but I haven't seen much for this project.

This project is doing well from the initial email and stretch promotions, but I know what it is like to be left out. I didn't know about KickStarter until after the Daniel Amos Dig Here Said the Angel and I bet others would be happy to be a part of this project if they found out about it through more social media.

I will continue to remind my friends from that era.

I wonder if the 78rpm and Larry Norman versions of Horrendous Disk will somehow make their way.
Thread: Daniel Amos - Horrendous Disc Deluxe
Tyler Durden

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Website needs KickStarter link 03-02-2017 23:06 Forum: Upcoming Releases

I know that you reached your KickStarter goal with, largely, just the email that went out. Are the band members going to promote it on their Facebook accounts and will the website have a new banner that let's visitors know?

I remember purchasing the original vinyl from a "Christian" bookstore and the owner questioned how a bunch of guys in costumes (centerfold picture) could actually be Christians. Same guy didn't go to his daughter's wedding due to a disagreement he had with the groom over the amillennialism vs premillennialism vs postmillennialism debate. Sad.

Thanks for making this happen!
Thread: Lost Dogs - We Like to Have Christmas
Tyler Durden

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August & Everything Remastered 06-25-2016 17:05 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

I am looking for a CD edition of August & Everything Remastered. A remastered mp3 seems a bit of an oxymoron.

Anybody know of a way to find an authentic CD?
Thread: Daniel Amos ~ Shotgun Angel (Collectors Edition)
Tyler Durden

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Shotgun Angel arrived... wow 09-04-2013 00:23 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

This album took me back to high school. I received this as a birthday gift and became a fan. Fortunately, for me, the Horrendous Disk and Alarma¡ came out shortly after that and I just assumed this band cranked out albums left and right with different sounds. I am once again living in that era since in a short span of time, I have a new Daniel Amos record along with remasters with bonus songs plus Terry's Return to Neverhood.

The deluxe remastered cds have been outrageous in every way. The sound is fantastic and the packaging looks great. Today, I only had time for disk one. Tomorrow, the bonus disk goes in on the way to work. Thursday, I break out the Return to Neverhood.

I look forward to other deluxe works in the (hopefully) near future.

Thank you to all involved.
Thread: DA - ¡Alarma! (Deluxe Edition)
Tyler Durden

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¡Wow! 08-13-2013 19:13 Forum: Upcoming Releases

The new ¡Alarma! deluxe release is the most remarkable improvement of a classic album. This is a much better listen than ever before. The production has never sounded so clean, clear and with so much depth. The second disk is like getting a whole new "lost" album. The songs on the second CD are Daniel Amos at their most commercial/pop sounding.

The reading by Malcom Wild is really well done with great background sounds enhancing the audio.

The packaging is really well done with the CD being held in by old school plastic instead of the digipack that I just don't trust to protect the CD from scratches.

Thank you to all of those involved. It is funny, with the release of Dig Here, I was inspired to load up the iPod with DA and was going through the Chronicles on a road trip. The Alarma cd was the one that I thought could use some revision and low and behold, when I got home, that revision was available. Crazy awesome.
Thread: DA - ¡Alarma! (Deluxe Edition)
Tyler Durden

Replies: 36
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Alarma... 08-04-2013 15:28 Forum: Upcoming Releases

I really want to hear what the remastering sound will do for this album. Ordered it first day of release and now waiting.

Thank you to all involved in bringing back the classics in a better form.

Horrendous Disk? Remastered? Soon?
Thread: Top 5 Dig Here Songs
Tyler Durden

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Top 5 after repeated listenings 08-04-2013 14:27 Forum: General Discussion

I really like the whole album, so this is not a diss on any song.
1. Waking Up Under Water: Lyrics I love:

I closed my eyes and I fell in love
Her kiss was the one I was dreaming of
I close my eyes and she’s there for me

The woman I lost and the child that is forever broken always appear in my dreams as happy and whole, so this song connects in ways I am sure are not accurate, but that is the power and freedom of music.

2. Our New Testament Best

I could’ve gone to war, become a God of Wrath
My fingers snap (Flash!) and baby, you’d be nothing but ash
But I thought better of it

The temptation for getting back at those that have damaged is tempered with the mercy proclaimed in the New Testament. Probably why Christians don't have 2,000 year old grudges that they allow their children to be killed over. Kurt Vonnegut said it like this: "There are plenty of good reasons for fighting, but no good reason ever to hate without reservation, to imagine that God Almighty Himself hates with you, too."

3. Dig Here Said the Angel

“You’re gonna suffer for awhile”
“I’ll tell you straight,” said the angel
“Don’t plan to go out in style”

This is not prosperity gospel being preached here. The devastating truth can be a healing balm against the wishful thinking that distracts from embracing the realities of life. It also reminds me to take the advice of Kurt Vonnegut: "I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.'" Enjoy the blessings amidst the hurt and brace for what is coming.

4. We'll All Know Soon Enough

Now we’re thinking that our prayers aren’t answered
‘Cuz when it came the answer was “No”
the same rock we stood on crushed us

I don't like that answer one little bit, my human side says.

5. The Ruthless Hum of Dread
In a pauper’s field of dreams
I’m walking in between open-mouthed graves
Anxious to be fed
And all my buried intentions are groaning for transition

This is a great album. I have other favorite lyrics, such as Terry's delivery of "I'm never cynical, but still a little sarcastic." in Now That I've Died, but the above are my favorite songs for now.
Thread: DA ~ Dig Here Said The Angel (2013)
Tyler Durden

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Diggin it Here 07-03-2013 16:23 Forum: Upcoming Releases

Daniel Amos in 2013. It was very cool to allow those that missed the first round of fundraising to be able to purchase the CD and download later on. I downloaded the album and wondered what DA would sound like this time. The great thing with this band is that they give you a new sound with each album and still remain true to themselves. At first, I thought it was a bit dark, but then I kept listening. There is so much positive here woven in the realities of life and the condition that is humanity. Terry is on fire here and once again hits home with his lyrics. The music deserves headphones and repeated listenings. How spoiled are we to have this group of musicians and artist create new music all of these years. Their personalities and talents shine through. Daniel Amos isn't trying to be anything, they just are. Unlike Black Sabbath or the Rolling Stones, DA isn't trying to be who they were thirty years ago and that makes this the most authentic album I have heard in a long time. (No diss to the Stones. Love their music and hope that I can move like Jagger at his age. Great showmen and still great live.)

Favorite song (right now) "Waking Up Underwater"

Thank you to all of those involved in making this a reality.
Thread: Horrendous Disc makes #4 on the list...
Tyler Durden

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Should be #1 03-13-2010 22:59 Forum: General Discussion

At least Horrendous Disk is ahead of Keith Green. I do like eight of the top ten. It reminds me that I was very lucky to be growing up in the best time for Christian music. What ever happened to originality? What about music that isn't overwrought with fake emotion and cliched lyrics.

Over 30 years as a fan of DA. Wow.
Thread: An Intimate Evening with Terry Scott Taylor
Tyler Durden

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An Intimate Evening with Terry Scott Taylor 08-23-2009 11:51 Forum: General Discussion

All of a sudden I see that the store has added a new compilation with a few new recordings. I would like to see an entire concert of Terry's that reflects how he is presenting these songs in concert nowadays.

Honeysuckle Breeze was sung when he and Mike Roe were in San Jose last year and it sounded great. I wish that they had included that version/recording on this cd.

Glad to see a new cd, but surprised that it was not posted on the front page.

The new webpage looks good and appears easier to navigate.
Thread: Ultimate Horrendous Disc Update?
Tyler Durden

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Solid Rock's Solid Run 07-30-2009 23:25 Forum: General Discussion

It is amazing the quality of albums that were released by Solid Rock.

It would be cool if they took this time to put together deluxe albums of all of the critical albums of its heyday.

Horrendous Disk does deserve great treatment. The music is still great to listen to after all of these years.

Mark Heard is also an artist that should have his music preserved for the ages. It still bums me out that he passed away at such an early age. His music continually improved.
Thread: DA 30th Anniversary Edition
Tyler Durden

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06-14-2009 16:38 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

That was the coolest bonus that a fan could get.
Thread: Mike Roe and Terry Taylor this weekend!
Tyler Durden

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Great Show Friday night 04-18-2009 02:05 Forum: General Discussion

Mike and Terry were great on Friday night. Like all of their shows, they could always go for an extra four or five hours.

Standout songs: Author of the Story, Hide the Beer, Honeysuckle Breeze,

All songs were great. Their voices and talents are in prime form. If you are in the Bay Area, you should check out their Sunday performances down towards Gilroy.

Thanks to those that put this together.
Thread: Mike Roe and Terry Taylor this weekend!
Tyler Durden

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What time? 04-13-2009 19:26 Forum: General Discussion

I can go to the April 17th show on Winchester. When is it?

This is great!!!
Thread: Gene Eugene/special issue with contributions from Terry Taylor!
Tyler Durden

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03-15-2009 21:39 Forum: General Discussion

Good interviews and great layout. I am still reading through it and appreciate how many of the artist they were able to interview.
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